Zombie Shooter Kit

  1. 138 Piece Cardboard Construction
  2. 6 Shells
  3. 50 ‘Soft Splat’ Pellets
  4. Mold to make your own paper ammo
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Zombie Shooter Kit

If you are a fan of House of the Dead, Resident Evil or Zombie Army Trilogy, or even just enjoy building things and shooting at stuff, then we have found the ideal man toy for you!

DIY Zombie Blaster

This Zombie Slayer Kit by Paper Shooters is going to give hours of fun to the hands on DIY enthusiast who likes to construct their own masterpieces. The end result is a really cool zombie shooter that accurately blasts paper ammunition accurately up to 100 feet!

Never run out of Ammo

This highly detailed 138 piece construction kit features ejecting shells and blasts ‘soft splat’ paper ammo. It also comes with a mould so that you can make your own endless supply of ammunition, from ordinary paper, for hours of fun.

Ideal for Model Makers

It’s an ideal way to indulge your passion for model making and then hone your zombie slaying skills with some target practice. The paper ammunition sticks to the target, so you can always tell if you have made your mark. Make yourself a nice big arsenal of paper bullets and the fun can go on for hours!

Step by Step Instructions

The Zombie Slayer Kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through the building process. All the necessary cardboard components are contained in the kit. This consists of an air chamber, trigger system and interchangeable camouflage skins so your zombie slayer weapon will be fashioned to your own design specification.

This is what is contained in the kit:

  1. All plastic components, screws and springs to create your Paper Shooters™ base model
  2. 8 highly detailed A4 die cut cardboard sheets
  3. 50 ‘Soft-Splat’ paper pellets. Just dip them in water for 20-30 seconds, load them into shells and blast away!
  4. A mould to create endless amounts of ammo from ordinary paper. (If you have paper, you never run out of ammo.)
  5. 6 shells that eject with every shot!

Just Add Glue or Tape

The Camo Skins have been treated with a special coating to increase durability. You will need an adhesive to complete the construction. For this purpose, PaperShooters recommend using strong super glue or double sided tape which you must purchase separately.

Great Gift

This kit is the perfect man toy for those who enjoy the construction process and have a taste for all things zombie. Next time The Walking Dead comes on the TV, you can engage your own zombie shooter weapon alongside Rick and Daryl! Just don’t get caught, especially by Walkers!

Hours of Fun

As with most models, the more time and effort you put into the building process, the better the end results will be. Follow the instructions carefully and your resulting paper shooter is going to give hours of fun to you and whomsoever you choose to ambush. If you buy one of these kits for the zombie slayer in your life and find yourself on the front end of an ambush we have one useful piece of advice. Get one for yourself and fight back!

Zombie Shooter Kit Verdict

This is an ideal man toy for someone who loves shooting at things and enjoys constructing masterpieces from kit form. The models are simple to construct and contain straightforward instructions. Like all models, the end result is a product of how much care and precision is extended during the construction process.

As this is likely to take several hours, it is aimed at people who enjoy the kit building as much as the end results. The finished zombie shooter is likely to give many hours of entertainment. This Zombie Shooter would make an ideal gift for Christmas, Birthday or to get in some harmless target practice for the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

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