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zombie rib cage shirt
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Zombie Rib Cage Shirt Description

This Zombie Rib Cage Shirt is made of 100% Cotton. The design on the front of the shirt shows just what you will look like going to a party after the Zombie Apocalypse hits and you have become a member of the undead. The front of the shirt bear a print which suggests a skeleton wearing a badly ripped purple shirt. There are lots of little details in the picture such as a friendly rat peeping out of the handbag, which is just about managing to hang on to the contents, including a bone and a wiggly worm. A string of pearls around the neck give a hint to the classy dresser this zombie was before that pesky apocalypse cut things short. zombie rib cage shirtCobwebs and green slime add to the whole Halloween look that makes this a really fun shirt for the right occasion. This Zombie Ribcage Shirt would make a great outfit for a dress up occasion such as Halloween or a zombie party. Would be an ideal item to have in the wardrobe for that last minute invite to a zombie soiree, as you can go from your normal automatically beautiful self to instant festering undead hag in the time it takes to change your shirt. Now who else can say that?
The shirt measures up small, so it is best to buy 1-2 sizes up from normal.

100% Cotton
Party T-shirt
Lady Zombie Outfit
Halloween ready

Zombie Rib Cage Shirt Verdict

The design on the shirt makes this a great fun item for the right dress up occasion, or for casual wear if you are a real zombie fan. The sizing measures small, so it is best to order 1-2 sizes larger than normal. This shirt is priced very low, so is a real bargain if you are choosing something for a special zombie type occasion.

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  • Zombie Rib Cage Shirt
  • Zombie Rib Cage Shirt
  • Zombie Rib Cage Shirt
  • Zombie Rib Cage Shirt
View on Amazon.com zombie rib cage shirt

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