Zombie Response Wallet

zombie response wallet
  1. 100% Leather
  2. slim-line design
  3. bi-fold
  4. 8 credit card slots
  5. cash section with divider
  6. Measures 10cm x 9.5cm (4 inches x 3.8 inches)
  7. More…

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Zombie Response Wallet Description

If you are looking for a quality wallet for the would-be zombie slayer in your life, check out this stylish Zombie Response Team wallet in a black leather finish. At first glance, it is subtle enough to be just a practical, black leather wallet but on closer inspection, the detailing gives a clue to the heroic pasttimes of the carrier!

Zombie Response

The Zombie Response Logo in contrast to the wallet leaves no-one in any doubt that the owner of this wallet has taken steps to ensure their survival when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

This may of course be limited to watching weekly episodes of The Walking Dead or zombie movies fests of cult flicks such as A Zombie Invasion, but, everyone has to start somewhere!

Quality Leather

This Zombie Response wallet is manufactured from 100% luxury nappa leather. It is a quality item with a smooth silky surface and completed to a high standard. The etching is achieved with a CO2 laser for a precise premium finish. The laser process gives a suede effect to the surrounding area and ensures the printing will endure the tests of time.

This wallet does not contain a coin section, leaving plenty of space for all your notes and cards and ensuring a flat snug fit to slip easily into a back pocket.


For a truly personal touch, a name or short message can also be added, making this an ideal choice as a gift for that someone special.

Zombie Response Wallet Verdict

This is a quality leather wallet. It would make a great gift for the discerning potential zombie slayer in your life who fancies himself as part of an elite Zombie response team but also wants a practical, functional, quality wallet.

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  • Zombie Response Wallet
  • Zombie Response Wallet
  • Zombie Response Wallet
  • Zombie Response Wallet
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