Zombie Pen Holder

zombie pen holder

Zombie Pen Holder by Toscano

Do you often find yourself in situations where you quickly need a pen to jot down a phone message? Halloween shopping list? a brilliant idea you don’t want to forget? And so often, don’t you waste valuable minutes searching for that elusive pen or pencil? What you need is a Toscano Impaled Zombie Pen Holder!
Toscano are synonymous with quality design and this zombie pen holder is no exception. Measuring 7 inches by 3 inches it makes an ideal desk accessory for any self respecting zombie fan. Hard to miss, and looking every inch as attractive without a pen or pencil through the centre of his body, this zombie desk accessory is always going to be there to help you through those moments of pen searching crisis. Isn’t it good to know that the undead have uses too?

zombie pen holderClose up, this zombie pen holder is beautifully designed, having been hand-cast using crushed stone and bonded with high quality designer resin. No two zombie pen holders are exactly the same, as each piece is individually and skilfully hand-painted to highlight the gory flesh-eating hues that wreak havoc with the undead.

As well as being an attractive and functional desk accessory, this zombie pen holder also has hidden depths. It will serve as a constant reminder to the owner of the inevitability of the zombie apocalypse, the need to be ever vigilant, and the importance of getting the job done in an efficient manner. After all, would Daryl Dixon waste time looking for a pen when he could extract a writing tool from the nearest zombie corpse? This attractive zombie desk accessory also provides the luxury of a talking point and ice-breaker if you ever experience any of those awkward moments of silence with guests. How many visitors to your home or office will be able to cast their eyes over a zombie corpse impaled with a writing implement and resist the urge to comment, laugh, or ask you where you got it because they want one too?

With Halloween just around the corner, this zombie pen holder can also provide an ulterior purpose as a Halloween decoration. In the hall way, on the dining room table, or just elegantly reclining on the coffee table, this Toscano Zombie Pen Holder is going to look right at home in amongst your Halloween Decorations this year!
Although you may want one of these Zombie pen holders for yourself, Christmas and Birthdays are a time for giving, and any self-respective zombie fan would love to receive one of these delightful zombie pen holders in their Christmas stocking. So spread the zombie joy this year, and give the desk jockey in your life a Toscano Zombie Pen holder. It is a present they will appreciate for many years, or at least until the zombie apocalypse arrives and inevitably makes desks and pens a thing of the past.

zombie pen holder Verdict:

This Toscano Zombie Pen Holder is both a practical and beautiful zombie accessory that would gracefully adorn any desk, table or mantle piece. With a pen inserted, the zombie is clearly a desk accessory, without a pen it is equally appropriate as an undead ornament as the hole is daubed with red, making it look like the zombie has a wound. Fantastic gift for any zombie fan or dedicated watcher of The Walking Dead. Beautifully hand painted and skilfully crafted by Toscano, this high quality zombie featured ornament will bring the owner many hours of amusement. It’s great for keeping a pen handy too!

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