Zombie Movie Kit

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Zombie Movie Kit
Zombie Movie Kit

Zombie Movie Kit

Ever fancied doing a spot of movie making? Know somebody who aspires to be a Stephen Spielberg or Nick Park but has yet to get started? Well, if the answer to either of these questions is yes, we at ZombiePit have found a creative toy that we think will appeal to budding animators of all ages. This Zombie Movie kit contains everything you need to make a zombie stop animation film, you just bring a smart phone and your own inimitable style!

Wild science make your own stop animation zombie movie kit

With the exception of a smart phone or tablet, this zombie movie kit contains everything you need to make your own animation: props, backdrops, animating clay, sculpting tools, modelling parts to add eyes etc to your characters, a special filming stand for smart phones and tablets and a detailed instruction booklet.

Stop animation

Stop animation in principle is simple. You have some scenery, a character, a camera and a lot of patience. The character model is moved, a picture is taken. This process is repeated until the character has completed a scene. When played back, the character seems to come to life and move independently. A star is born! Of course, when it comes to winning Oscars and creating full length films, the process is more detailed, more complex and a whole lot more fun to watch on completion!

How to make a movie

First you need to come up with a story. Keep it simple and short the first time out. Practice makes perfect you know, and once you have seen the results of your first attempt it will inspire lots of ideas for the sequel!

The scenery that comes with the kit should help with the inspiration for your zombie story. Next you need some characters. We suggest you limit it to one or two the first time out, just to keep the process straightforward and quicker to produce. Click the image below to view a short instructional video clip that gives some great tips on the easiest way to make clay models for animation.

animation model tutorial
Click on image to view animation model tutorial

Download any of the free stop motion apps available for your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to film. Each time you move a character, take a picture. The smaller the movements, the better the results. At the end of your story, play it back and watch your first ever stop motion animation!

Hollywood awaits

Animation is an incredibly absorbing hobby and you will soon have lots of creative ideas for all manner of animated shorts. Why stop with clay models? Any small characters that have moving parts are ideal for stop motion animation. How about some sound effects? Check out the “Halloween Scary Theme Music” album in our Zombie Music Section for some creepy Halloween bakground music. If you add another camera (that’s smart phone to you) at a different angle, you’ll soon be doing some clever editing and creating a masterpiece. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Kids of all ages will love playing with this DIY stop animation Movies Kit brought to you by Wild Science. The kit and apps are simple enough to get you up and filming your first movie in no time but sophisticated enough to help you produce an animation that is fun for you to create and is entertaining for your audience to watch. Just make sure they bring the popcorn.
Now, transfer your movie to the big screen, kill the lights and roll the film!

Zombie Movie Kit Verdict

This Zombie Movie Kit is the perfect gift for someone who has an interest in artwork or film making and would enjoy dabbling in stop motion animation. The kit is quick to set up, so you can be making your first moving in a short space of time. Great stocking filler for Christmas, or birthday.

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  • Zombie Movie Kit
  • Zombie Movie Kit
  • Zombie Movie Kit
  • Zombie Movie Kit
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