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Zombie Coffee Mug Description

Most people like to start their day with a nice hot beverage. Well that first cup of coffee is going to put a real smile on your face when you are drinking it from our Heat changing Zombie Coffee Mug.
Initially the picture on the mug shows a man in a tattered suit looking shocked and running along a darkened street. What could possibly be wrong? Why are his clothes torn? As soon as you add a hot beverage it slowly becomes apparent that he is in fact running for his life from a pack of hungry zombies! And we don’t think they are interested in a time share, a phone contract, or whatever else this poor suspecting victim is usually trying to peddle.zombie coffee
This delightful zombie mug is made from durable stoneware and holds a capacity of 300ml. You can drink whatever you like from this mug, but the zombies will only appear if you add something hot. On that note, microwaves and dishwashers aren’t the usual ways to kill off zombies, but in this case, its very effective. If you want those zombies to keep appearing when you drink your coffee, don’t put it in the microwave or dishwasher!
Anyone who appreciates the zombie genre would welcome a cup of coffee from this mug. It would definitely perk up coffee time at work: a brief interlude in an otherwise zombie-less day.
This Paladone Heat Changing Zombie Coffee mug arrives in an attractive presentation box that makes it ideal as a gift.zombie coffee

Coffee Mug with a surprise
300ml capacity
Heat Change Mug
Zombie appears as you add hot water
Great gift for your favourite zombie lover.
Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use

Zombie Coffee Mug Verdict:

Who doesn’t love a heat changing mug? Seeing those zombies appear as the beverage warms the mug is going to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It would make a great gift for any one who likes zombies. Excellent Mug, great value. We award this Heat Changing Zombie Mug the maximum rating of 5 zombies.

Zombie Rating

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  • Zombie Coffee
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Written by ZombiePit

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