Zombie Caution Tape

zombie caution tape
  1. Crime Scene Style tape
  3. Biohazard Symbol
  4. Great for Zombie Party or Halloween!
  5. 100ft x 3 inches More…
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Living Dead Crime Zone

Punctuated with a biohard symbol, this tape reads Caution, Zombie Zone! Bold, versatile and highly durable, this bright yellow crime scene style tape is ideal to warn of crimes committed by the living dead. Stretch this tape over doorways and across windows for a sensational effect.

Zombie Apocalypse

Come the Zombie Apcocalypse, this tape will serve as a warning to all that zombies are in the area. Until then, your Zombie Caution Tape will serve as a brilliant party decoration for any zombie-themed event or Halloween extravaganza.

Zombie Tape Details

Each roll of this yellow crime scene style tape measures 100 ft by 3 inches. That means you will be able to dress up any living room, bedroom, entrance or hall, with plenty of tape left to spare.

100ft of Tape

Each 100 foot roll of Zombie Caution Tape is finished in bright yellow and features the warning ‘Caution Zombie Zone’. The traditional biohazard symbol adds an extra warning. This tape can be draped liberally anywhere you please. It is attention grabbing, dramatic and will attract living dead partygoers.


This strong, extremely durable zombie crime scene style tape is very versatile. Come Halloween, you can drape it across your front door as a warning to trick-or-treaters! How about using it to adorn your bedroom to strike a cool living dead interior design statement?


Zombie Caution Tape makes a great Halloween Decoration. It is quick to assemble and very effective. Scatter streaners of Zombie Caution Tape around your home to serve as a hassle-free and eye-catching party decoration.

Quick Costume Idea

You could even wrap it around yourself to form a quick and easy living dead Halloween costume. With this ‘Caution Zombie Zone’ tape you are only limited by your imagination. Your only dilemma will be, how many rolls should I order?

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Zombie Caution Tape Verdict

Great quality, this zombie caution tape instantly creates the atmosphere of a zombie infested zone. Highly durable and 100ft in length, this tape is incredibly versatile. It is a great way to quickly and easily create a zombiefied theme for Halloween or any zombie related event.

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  • Zombie Caution Tape
  • Zombie Caution Tape
  • Zombie Caution Tape
  • Zombie Caution Tape
  • Zombie Caution Tape
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