Zombie Candle

zombie candle
  1. Measures 6 inches tall
  2. Face distorts as candle melts
  3. Zombie head on brain base
  4. Attractive presentation box More…
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Zombie Candle
Zombie Candle

Melting Zombie Candle

Nothing sets a tranquil mood in the evening like the soft glow of a luscious candle with the warm shimmer of a flickering flame casting shadows on the walls and dancing playfully as it burns. A candle is a simple yet effective way of filling any dimly lit room with an ambience that sets a relaxing scene, often romantic even, and instantly induces an emotion of calm. Except of course, if that candle is a ZOMBIE!

This deliciously grotesque zombie candle is going to create an ambience like we are sure no other you possess. Measuring in at 6 inches tall there is enough wax in this little horror to set a zombie infused glow about your room for some considerable time.

zombie candleThe majority of the candle is taken up with the head of a zombie that has turned an inevitable shade of zombie green. His putrid eyes bulge and is teeth filled mouth is held open wide, ready to feast on whoever comes close enough. With his head titled back you get a sense of impending doom as you gaze into his hungry cavernous mouth, frozen in a sinister undead grimace. There are tell-tale signs of dripping blood around his lips and all over his dreaded undead head.

Beneath the jagged remains of his zombie-green body lies a pile of pink intestines. One can only imagine whether these belonged to the zombie himself, or some unfortunate victim?
If you are a fan of the zombie genre then you are going to thoroughly enjoy watching this zombie candle burn. If you also like to collect those romantic, gloriously scented candles that infuse a room with a pleasant perfume and beautify their surroundings, then you may want to keep them away from this little guy, or they might start disappearing!

zozmbie candleThis zombie candle is an absolute must have for those who enjoy the zombie genre. It would be great on display at Halloween or when you are having a movie horror fest. It’s eerie glow will add to the mood as the candle burns down. The wick of the candle takes central position in the top of his head. As the wick burns, the zombie face melts into an ever increasing contorted and shriveled blur, slowly and creepily becoming more eerie. It’s the zombie candle that keeps giving!
This most entertaining zombie candle comes in a presentation box that resembles a wooden crate. The crate bears warning signs and is daubed with blood, signalling to any who would venture too close that this is a vessel that is best left locked up. Release it’s contents at your own risk. You have been warned!

Zombie Candle Verdict

This beautifully crafted melting zombie candle is an absolute delight. Fashioned to cleverly become more grotesque as the zombie face melts, this is sure to delight avid fans of the horror or zombie genre such as The Walking Dead or Shaun of the Dead. Place one on display at Halloween and then listen to your guests wax lyrical about it all night! Light one during your horror movie marathon or zombie fest to add to the creepy mood of the evening. This would make a great gift for any zombie genre or horror fan.

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