Zombie Apron

  1. Heart & Bones Design
  2. Durable Neck Band
  3. Extra long black ties
  4. One size fits most adults
  5. Machine Washable
  6. Polyester
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Zombie Apron

If you are a fan of anything zombie you are going to love this Zombie Heart and bones apron. On a plain black background that is sure to appeal to all chefs, this apron has hidden depths!

Zombie Heart and Bones

A graphic image printed on the apron gives the illusion that the fabric has been torn to reveal the zombie chef who lurks beneath. A mottled heart has been infused with zombie green and shows several zombie battle scars and stitches. The rib cage that once safely protected the heart has now several broken bones to reveal the zombie heart, festering away. Doesn’t that make you want to rush out to the kitchen and start cooking up a zombie storm?

Halloween Apron

Come Halloween, this apron would provide a great way to continue the celebratory theme while you are busy in the kitchen. That goes double if you are wearing a costume that needs protecting from spills and splashes. A generous sized apron, one size to fit all zombies, should keep you covered while you are creating cullinary concoctions in the kitchen. The nice long tapes are a good length to wrap around to tie at the front which is especially useful if you are cooking in costume!

Zombie Apocalypse

Come the inevitable zombie apocalypse, it is understandable that everyday tasks are going to present a few challenges. Dealing with the undead at the door, cooking within the confines of you zombie apocalypse shelter, it’s a stressful time. When that day dawns, you might need a little more motivation than usual to get you out into the kitchen. Hopefully you have snapped up a copy of The Walking Dead Official Cookbook and Survival Guide or some such literature that has no end of yummy apocalypse themed dishes. If however you are winging it to find a new way to make a can of tomatoes seem appetizing for the third day in a row, this apron might just provide the inspiration you need to get creative. At the very least it will entertain the troops, help raise morale and get a few laughs along the way.

Multi-purpose Apron

Slip on this zombie heart and bones apron and you can stay clean in style while you are doing all sorts of chores such as cooking up a storm or getting ready for a zombie soiree. Whether you are creating a masterpiece in the art studio, harvesting vegetables in the garden or tending the bbq, you will look zombie cool and ready. Made from 100% polyester, this zombie heart and bones apron sports a durable neck band and extra long black ties to wrap around and tie in front if you wish. You will be delighted to hear that this apron is machine washable so is easy care and the one size should fit most adults.

Zombie Apron

When the apocalypse strikes, there is always the chance you may end up as a zombie. Fear not. This apron will look good on you even after you join the armies of the undead. Given the durability of this apron, there is a good chance it will look better than you do as the months go by. At the very least, you are sure to be the envy of all the other zombies.

Great Gift Idea

If you are struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything, there is a good chance they do not yet have a zombie heart and bones apron. Zombie lovers of all shapes and sizes are sure to be delighted with this graphic heart and bones design and they’ll be looking for any excuse to wear it. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween or everyday in between, this apron would make a great gift for the zombie lover in your life.

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More Zombie Heart and Bones

If you like the look of this Zombie Heart and Bones Apron and would like to continue the theme when you remove your apron, you are in luck! We at ZombiePit.com have found you a whole range of zombie heart and bones t shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies that you can have with this image. If any one asks you what happens to your zombie heart when the apron comes off, imagine their surprise when you shirt shows your zombie heart and bones too!

Zombie heart and bones Pullover Hoodie

  1. Cotton-rich Fleece
  2. Cotton & Polyester Blend
  3. Front Pouch Pocket
  4. Matching Drawstring
  5. Ribbed Cuffs
  6. Choice of 5 Colors
  7. Suitable for Men & Women
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Written by Frankie Zee

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