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Kellita Smith, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch, Keith Allan, Anastasia Baranova, Russell Hodgkinson, Pisay Pao,
Nat Zang, Tom Everett Scott, Harold Perrineau, Matt Cedeño, Emilio Rivera

Created By: Karl Schaefer, Craig Engler
Writers: Karl Schaefer, Michael Cassutt, Eric Bernt,Dan Merchant, Craig Engler, Jennifer Derwingson, John Hyams,Micho Rutare, Lynelle White,Daniel Schaefer
DVD Release Date: 26 Oct. 2015
Running Time: 585 minutes

Z Nation Season 1 Synopsis

The Zombie Apocalypse has been raging for 3 years. The ZN1 virus is deadly and then is no known cure.
Hope bursts on to the screen in the form of an unlikely hero named Murphy (Keith Allan). The only survivor of a government experiment to find a cure for the virus, Murphy bears unsightly scars from numerous zombie bites, and yet he has not turned. The Vaccine to cure the ZN1 lies deep within Murphy’s corpuscles, if only our rag-bag team of survivors can get him to the last known research laboratory in California.

Violence Rating

As a Zombie Horror Drama, Z Nation features many graphic violent scenes featuring the undead. The level of violence ranges from light-weight explosions and incidence of blood splatter to rabid zombies feasting on victims, living and dead. At times the violence is addressed humourously, for example the method in which zombies are killed include a golf ball and a bell. The violence is in the context of the fantasy of fighting zombies but is extremely graphic and gory. Not for the squeamish nor those of a nervous disposition. This drama is not suitable for children.


Z Nation Season 1 carves a new place for itself in the TV zombie horror genre. You are quickly thrust into a post apocalyptic reality exploding with an eclectic mix of chilling and hilarious zombies. For example, we have rampaging zombie dogs, meth zombies who move like lightning and weirdo creepy baby zombies. Z Nation Season 1 introduces us to a less conventional take on apocalypse survival, interjecting violence and humour with a healthy balance. The intention of the shows creators was to put the fun back into zombies and they certainly have achieved that in Z Nation Season 1. If you have been looking for a show that will send chills up your spine one moment and have you doubled up with laughter the next, then Z Nation is the show for which you have been waiting. We highly recommend you give Z Nation Season 1 a viewing at your earliest opportunity and award 3 and a half zombies.

Zombie Rating

  • Z Nation Season 1
  • Z Nation Season 1
  • Z Nation Season 1
  • Z Nation Season 1
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