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wizard of oz
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Wizard of Oz

All In Good Time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock With Barking Toto

Have you decked the halls with some uniquely uplifting zombie decorations? Does your Daryl Dixon Christmas stocking take pride of place upon your fireplace? Have you written your wish list of Walking Dead goodies for Santa to leave under your Christmas tree? Well then why not take a break, settle down within your storm shelter, and enjoy some traditional Christmas movies!

Although our Zombie Pit team love all things living dead related, even our post-apocalyptic posse have a soft spot in our hearts for some Christmas classics; Miracle on 5th Street, Home Alone, Nightmare before Christmas, It’s a Wonderful life, Die Hard…the list goes on! So in the spirit of Christmas, we figured we’d deck the fortified halls our zombie apocalypse bunker with some timeless traditional Christmas decor.
wizard of ozNow we know that The Wizard of Oz doesn’t admit to any zombies per se, but any movie that features a fleet of freaky flying monkeys, a ghoulish green witch that leaves destruction in her wake, a straw man with no brains and a tin man with no heart deserves a special mention!
In the spirit of Christmas, and for all those whose inner child is still just a little bit scared of that Wicked Witch, we bring you this one of a kind, 75th anniversary Wizard of Oz tribute All in Good time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock that will ideally offset your living dead decorations.
Each Wizard of Oz All in Good time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock stands over two feet tall at 25″ H (63.5 cm), requires 3 AAA batteries and 2 AA batteries and has been handcrafted to feature all manner of magical intricacies; from the nooks and crannies of the Wicked Witch’s creepy castle to the enchanting detailing that has been granted to the Flying Monkey and Wicked Witch figurines who watch over the Dorothy, Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow figurines who cower at its drawbridge! The clock itself is powered by an accurate quartz movement and bears a ‘hot stamped’ clock face that has been adorned with the official Wizard of Oz logo.wizard of oz
Every Wizard of Oz All in Good time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock also comes equipped with a canine cuckoo curio, Toto, who emerges upon the hour every hour in order to bark at the moon and ensure the Wicked Witch and Flying Monkey keep their distance! Complete with a mesmerising variety of light up windows and torches, sparkling ruby slippers and exquisitely handcrafted embellishments, any fan of the Wizard of Oz would be delighted to own this one of a kind, magical clock.


Wizard of Oz Clock Verdict

In amongst all of the Walking Dead memorabilia, living dead Christmas decorations and ghoulish goodies, hanging a Wizard of Oz All in Good time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock onto your wall or above your fireplace can serve as an uplifting finishing touch to any thrilling festive tableau! Whether you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz or if you know someone who is, this All in Good time, My Little Pretty Cuckoo Clock can serve as a great gift or as an eye-catching Christmas decoration. In our opinion, Dorothy and all the gang are going to look great on the Zombie Pit storm shelter wall this festive season. “And Toto too!”.

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