Top 3 Werewolf Animatronics

Werewolf Animatronic

Werewolf Animatonics

Here we have a selection of Werewolf Animatronics that are going to add a sensational touch to your Halloween Decorations. With flashing eyes, menacing movements and a variety of spooky noises, these werewolves are sure to bring a delightful measure of demonic dread to your unsuspecting guests. Each of these werewolf animatronics is touch sensitive but they can also be activated by loud noises such as the wind or the screams of their wouldbe victims.

Touch Activated 28″ Werewolf Animatronic

Werewolf Animatronic
  1. Tounch Activated
  2. Moves & Howls
  3. Eyes Light Up
  4. Poseable
  5. Indoor or Outdoor
  6. Quick and Easy Assembly
  7. One of a Collection
  8. Battery Operated
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Touch Activated 28″ Werewolf Animatronic

Don’t be fooled by those cute teddy bear good looks. Wolfgang the werewolf may be a diminutive 28 inches tall but
he is packed to his pointed teeth with scary moves and noises designed to terrorise all those who venture too close.

Blinking Green Eyes

Wolfgang’s blinking green eyes shine out in daylight or pierce the night time sky as a warning to would-be victims. Once you have withnessed his animatronic antics, you will never forget his fang-filled snarl or fearsome furry figure. His hands are slender, his arms are poseable and you can adjust them into any number of horrifying positions.

Touch Activated

At 28 inches tall, Wolfgang’s half figure would look great as part of a graveyard scene, giving the appearance of him emerging out of the earth. You can place him amongst your indoor decorations or hang him from his hanging loop. Wherever you choose to place this 28 inch ferocious werewolf, his touch activated animatronic antics are sure to cause a fright to any unsuspecting guest who ventures too close.

Animatronic Antics

Wolfgang has a few tricks up his sleeve that will bring squeels of delight at Halloween. His twirling body, harrowing howls and menacing melodies are sure to be a sinister sensation. He is perfect as part of an indoor display or you can place him somewhere covered outdoors. Add 3 AA batteries to Wolfgang and watch this little werewolf create mayhem wherever he is placed.

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Touch Activated 56″ Werewolf Animatronic

Werewolf Animatronic
  1. 56″ Touch Activated
  2. Haunted Hill Farm
  3. Outdoor or Indoor
  4. Easy Asembly
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Touch Activated 56″ Werewolf Animatronic

If you are looking for a freakishly lifelike werewolf animatronic to petrify your guests, then look no further. Whether there is a full moon or not, this werewolf’s animatronic antics are going to thrill and delight. At 56 inches tall, he casts an imposing figure.

Teeth and Eyes

His piercing red eyes light up and his hungry wolf’s mouth opens to reveal a wickedly demonic smile. Don’t underestimate the terror he has in store for you. His two full rows of teeth and fearsome set of fangs are just a warning! When this werewolf animatronic bursts into life, onlookers will gasp with surprise as he leans into his hands and laughs with his own demonic excitement.

Touch and Sound Activated

Bane, as he is known to his friends or intended victims, is touch activated. He will also react to loud noises like the wind or the screams of would-be victims. Bane maybe dressed in a fetching plaid shirt, pants and jacket but they do nothing to hide or suppress the fearsome werewolf that lurks underneath.

Hanging Option

You can bend his poseable arms into a variety of positions to gain maximum fright for your guests. He also has a hanging loop on the back so that you can suspend him from above on your porch or on a tree. Bane will also stand independently when you place him on his stand.

Battery Powered

This delightful demonic animatronic werewolf just needs 3 AA batteries to keep him in full fright mode. You will find that he is quick and easy to assemble so will be up and scaring victims in no time at all. Place Bane next to your front door, or near your front path to achieve maximum scare factor on unsuspecting visitors. Go Bane!

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Touch Activated 70″ Werewolf Animatronic

animated werewolf
  1. 70 Inches Tall
  2. Speaks 3 phrases
  3. Head and Chest are fur
  4. Skeleton hands
  5. Poseable arms
  6. Battery Operated
  7. Quick and Easy Assembly
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Touch Activated 70″ Werewolf Animatronic

Meet Salem, a 70 inch tall touch activated werewolf animatronic who is ready to terrorise you and everyone you know! Along with his light up eyes and moving mouths and arms, Salem has three phrases which he is just dying to share with anyone within ear shot. For example, ‘There’s something spooky out tonight and I think it’s you!‘ is one of his favorite phrases to spook unsuspectimg passers by.

Life Size Werewolf

At 70 inches tall, Salem casts quite an imposing figure. He arrives with his own stand so you can position him in the right place to gain the maximum scare factor. Put him on the porch and those trick or treaters will get a real surprse when Salem bursts into life! Although he is touch activated, loud noises, particularly screams, are enough to trigger a reaction from this wicked werewolf animatronic.

Lights Up & Talks

You will find it easy to pose Salem, so you can place him in a variety of fright inducing positions at your next party. Salem will look great as part of an indoor Halloween display or in a covered outdoor postion. This talented werewolf has the versatility to scare your guests in a number of ways. As well as looking creepy and spooky, Salem is an animated hell hound who talks, lights up and has some spooky moves to go with it.

Halloween Haunt

Beneath Salem’s burlap cloak you can see his skeletal hands emerging while brown fur covers his head and chest to create a wild werewolf appearance. You will find you can quickly and easilyy assemble this werewolf animatronic who simply needs 3 AAA batteries to provide plenty of frights through the night. This touch activated animatronic werewolf will make a sensational spooky addition to your Halloween haunt, wherever you place him.

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More About Werewolves

More About Werewolves and Trailer

Where do Werewolves come from?

Our fascination with werewolves spans the globe and extends back over 4000 years. We can find the first reference to a man transforming into a wolf in The Epic of Gilgamesh, an anonymous work that dates from around 2100 BC.

Latin Werewolves

For an image of what we perceive as a werewolf today, we fast foward from Gilgamesh to the works of the poet Ovid (43BC - 18AD). In Metamorphoses, Ovid captured all the unsavoury aspects of werewolf behaviour that we recognise today. He vividly described the transformation from human to beast that we associate with our modern idea of a werewolf:

…He tried to speak, but his voice broke into an echoing howl. His ravening soul infected his jaws; his murderous longings were turned on the cattle; he still was possessed by bloodlust. His garments were changed to a shaggy coat and his arms into legs. He was now transformed into a wolf.

Victorian Werewolves

The ancient folklore roots of werewolves have survived and thrived over the centuries. In the ninetheenth century the theme of the werewolf took on a new fictional form. Hughes the wer-Wolf is a story by Sutherland Menzies which relates a Kentish egend dating back to the Middle Ages. The Hughes were a family of werewolves who endured suffering at the hands of the townsfolk. Thankfully, a dark tale often has a happy ending where love prevails. Unfortunately, that usually comes at a cost and where werewolves are concerned, a few grizzly events along the way.

Werewolves have feelings too

Along a similar theme, other stories written at this time also portrayed the werewolf as a victim. Having been wronged, the protagonist seeks revenge and in doing so, makes a sinister pact with an evil force. In The Wolf Leader (1857) by Alexandre Dumas (Three Musketeers) we hear the tale of a shoemaker named Thibault who seeks revenge. As a result of his pact with a wolf who walks like a man, Thibault finds he is able to control the local wolves and earns a reputation with the locals as being a werewolf.

Werewolf Women

Clemence Housman's The Were-wolf published in 1896, brought us our first female werewolf who lures male victims to isolation and then transforms into her lupine self before devouring them.

Twentieth Century and the definitive Werewolf

The next century witnessed an explosion of werewolf stories published in England and America. Algernon Blackwood wrote a number of werewolf stories, typically based on an occult theme.

The Werewolf of Paris (1933) by American author Guy Endore is the most renowned Werewolf novel of the twentieth century. The Werewolf in Paris is revered in werewolf folklore much as Dracula is the definitive vampire. In 1961 the story was adapted for film and given the title The Curse of the Werewolf by Hammer House of Horror.

Transforming on Screen
The first movie to portray a werewolf's transformation on screen was Werewolf of London (1935). Six years later in 1941, Lon Chaney Jr starred in The Wolf Man. This movie captured the interest of the public and both the movie, the actor and the werewolf were catapulted to stardom. This version called on elements of traditional folklore and fiction, such as how a the wolf can be killed by a silver bullet.

Werewolves come and go, but it is the The Wolf Man movie that has most shaped our modern perception of what a werewolf looks like, how he transforms, how he is devoid of his own will and how he can be killed. As most werewolf fans will know, it contains the now famous rhyme:

Even a man who is pure in heart And says his prayers by night May become a wolf When the wolfbane blooms And the autumn moon is bright.

How NOT to become a werewolf

If you don't want to become a werewolf, obey the golden rule:
'Beware the Moon...and stick to the road' (American Werewolf in London 1981)
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Animatronic Werewolf Lifesize
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