Warm Bodies Movie Songs

Here is the complete list of songs that are played during the Warm Bodies Movie. Click on the audio bar to sample the song. Use the buttons to locate it on Apple and Spotify or watch the video. Enjoy this great music!

The Warm Bodies Movie is a Zombie Tale with a Romantic twist. ‘R’ (Nicholas Hoult) is out on the prowl with his zombie posse looking for some two legged tasty treats.
Julie (Teresa Palmer) and her gang of humans are on a similar hunt for food and medical supplies to take back to the other apocalypse survivors. When the zombie gang ambush the human search party the humans are quickly outnumbered and outmanoeuvered. However, when R sets eyes on Julie he is immediately captivated. He decides to rescue her and vows to protect her. For a full synopsis, cast list and film review, visit our Warm Bodies page.

Warm Bodies Soundtrack ~ Instumentals

Warm Bodies is an engaging film with a wonderful soundtrack of instrumentals composed specifically for the movie by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders. No strangers to sinister music, their soundtrack effectively bridges the more light-hearted playful moments of Warm Bodies with those scenes that are designed to chill. The instrumental Warm Bodies Soundtrack is available to purchase on CD or download. However, this CD is a compilation of the instrumentals only. Unfortunately there is not a compilation CD available of the songs heard throughout the movie. But never fear!

Warm Bodies Soundtrack ~ The Songs

Zombie Pit has put together a full compilation of the 18 songs heard throughout the Warm Bodies movie and movie trailer. The Theme Song is the highly addictive “Missing You” recorded by John Waite, and who can resist “Oh Pretty Woman” sung by the big ‘O’ himself, Roy Orbison?

Take a stroll through our smorgasbord of songs and you will not be disappointed. The movie is a charming romantic variation on the usual zombie apocalypse tale and the Warm Bodies Soundtrack elevates the feel good factor of the movie in such a delightful way, you will find yourself coming back to listen to these songs time and again.
You can click on each image to hear a 30 second snippet of each track. There is also an option to buy the track,from itunes and Amazon, and view music videos where available.

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