Walking Dead Zip Hoodie

Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  1. Officially Licensed
  2. 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
  3. Walking Dead Logo
  4. Range of Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
  5. Made in USA More…
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Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex Description

Sumptuously soft, warm and comfortable are not terms that you would usually use to describe The Walking Dead! However, by seizing the opportunity to own one of these Walking Dead zipped hoodies you can remain confident that you will feel warm, comfortable and content regardless of the weather outside or the hordes of zombies looming on the horizon!

walking dead zip hoodie

Population 73 and falling

Few people who watch the Walking Dead will not instantly recognise the meaning of WOODBURY splashed in large, wild west style writing and picked out in contrast to the black background of this hoodie. Clearly, the population has plumeted since the apocalyptic outbreak and so have the standards. The original population figure is given in neat, legible print. The bloodied crossing out and scrawled ’73’ show the desperation of Woodbury and the clear sign that this figure is only temporary!

Bloody Handprints

When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you will not fail to notice the two large bloodied handprints on the front of your hoodie, and neither will passers by! The blood-red ‘Walking Dead’ logo on the lower front, will readily offer an explanation to those puzzled faces who are searching for clarity. Walking Dead fans will just look on in envy, wishing they had seen this hoodie first.

Walking Dead Fans

This outstanding Walking Dead hoodie is suitable for both men and women. It is available to order in a range of sizes so no true Walking Dead fan never ever be without one!

If you need a quick introduction, or a reminder, of Woodbury, click the image to join Michonne and Andrea as the General gives them a tour of their ‘almost too good to be true’ new home.

Now you can Visit Woodbury!

Did you know you can actually visit ‘Woodbury’? There are a number of Walking Dead Tours available. Why not start with the modestly priced ‘Walking Dead Tour’ in Georgia? Keen fans may want to go straight to the VIP Tour which takes in Rick’s house, the Walking Dead Museum, and includes a chance to eat at Norman Reedus’ restaurant! Find out more about The Walking Dead Tours now!


Manufactured in the United States of America, this quality hoodie is Officially Licensed by AMC. It comprises of 80% ring-spun cotton and 20% Polyester. The cuffs are ribbed, as is the waistband, with 5% spandex for a comfortable fit. You will find the hood is jersey lined with a matching drawstring. This hoodie has a front fastening with a quality nickel cadmium zipper. At the front there is a split muff pocket for practicality and comfort.


Across the chest, you will see the word “WOODBURY” in zombified format and in a wild west style font. The population of Woodbury is given as ‘1192’ but this has been crossed out with a blood red strike and the number ’73’ scrawled instead. Two large bloodied handprints occupy a large part of the front, over the pockets and stretching up towards the Woodbury lettering. On the front, left of the hoodie stands the Walking Dead Logo in bold, blood red. This hoodie comes in a range of sizes including Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex Verdict

This is a quality hoodie that all Walking Dead fans are going to enjoy wearing. Made in the USA, it is an Officially Licensed hoodie which carries the AMC Walking Dead logo. Cotton and Polyester are a great combination providing softness, comfort and durablity. Your Walking Dead Zip Hoodie should stand the test of time and make you the envy of any zombie enthusiast you encounter on your travels!

If you take that trip to Woodbury, don’t forget to pack your Woodbury hoodie to show you belong. Just a word of caution though: It won’t be zombies and walkers you have to fight off when you wear this hoodie, it will be other Walking Dead fans.

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  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
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