Walking Dead Zip Hoodie | Unisex

walking dead zip hoodie unisex
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walking dead zip hoodie unisex
walking dead zip hoodie unisex

Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex Description

Sumptuously soft, exceedingly warm and luxuriously comforting are not terms that you would usually use to describe The Walking Dead! However, by seizing the opportunity to own one of these Walking Dead zipped hoodies you can remain confident that you will feel warm, comfortable and content regardless of the weather outside or the hordes of zombies looming on the horizon!
This luxurious Walking Dead Hoodie has been intricately crafted from cotton and 50% velvet. As a result, this long-lasting garment will serve as an ideal winter jacket. What’s more, each of these zombiefied winter jackets has been manufactured using air-jet yarn to ensure a softer feel and no pilling. As long as you wash this garment inside out and dry it on a low heat, your Walking Dead Hoodie will stand the test of time and make you the envy of any zombie enthusiast you encounter on your travels!
Suitable for both men and women, this Walking Dead Hoodie is available to order in a broad spectrum of sizes so no true Walking Dead fan never ever be without one!
You can purchase your Walking Dead Zipped Hoodie in black with a sumptuous grey interior lining. Each of these winter jackets will feature a high quality print of The Walking Dead logo on the front. Every Walking Dead Sweatshirt also features a pair of Daryl Dixon Biker Angel Wings printed on the back.
Furthermore, if you are in the market for more Walking Dead clothing and officially licensed memorabilia then please feel free to discover our entire collection within our Zombie Pit merchandise section online today. Whether you are purchasing items for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family, we can match you with all manner of exclusive zombiefied goodies!

Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex Verdict

Great for keeping warm and snug in cold weather. Due to the thick lining it is best to consider a size up from that usually worn. This is a sumptuous, gorgeous hoodie that any Walking Dead fan would love to own. It won’t be zombies you have to fight off when you wear this hoodie, it will be other walking dead fans.

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  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
  • Walking Dead Zip Hoodie Unisex
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