Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit

walking dead trivial pursuit
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  2. Featuring The Walking Dead
  3. 2+ Players
  4. Ages 18+
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Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit

Those who are familiar with the standard Trivial Pursuit game will know how addictive it can be, and how exciting it is to challenge your knowledge of a favourite subject. Trivial Pursuit definitely brings out the competitive spirit, is easy to pick up, and extremely fun to play.

walking dead trivial pursuit

All the fun of the Walking Dead

Now the fun has been extended to The Walking Dead. This bite sized edition features 600 questions that cover the characters and events contained within the sensational Walking Dead comic book series.

Who can play?

The object of the game is simple: first person to collect six cards is the winner. Due to the zombie subject nature and knowledge required, this game is deemed suitable for those who are twelve years and over. The number of players required is 2 or more, so it’s great for family gatherings, zombie parties, or even playing during a real zombie apocalypse. If there are no other worthy players available, you could always just sit and learn all the answers, but then who does that, right?

How much do you know about The Walking Dead?

If you fancy yourself as a Walking Dead guru of knowledge, then it’s time to pit your wits against the game that separates the men from the walkers. Even the most ardent fans are going to find their knowledge challenged in this addictively competitive game.

Easy to Learn Instructions

The essence of any good board game is that the instructions are simple and easy to follow. With this game there are no endless reams of instructions to wade through, digest and then repeatedly refer back to throughout the game. With Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit you just open the box and get right down to the business of winning!

What is in the box?

The contents of the game consist of a deck of 600 cards, a wedge shaped deck box to hold the cards and a specialised Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit die.

How to play the game

The winner is the first person to collect six cards.

The 600 cards hold questions which can be divided into six categories:
People | Location | Events and Milestones | Issue numbers | The Dead | Wildcard

  1. Place the cards in card holder with the question side facing foward.
  2. Choose a player to start (might need a die with numbers for this!)
  3. After the game starts, the play continues in a clockwise direction.

Your Turn

  1. Roll the unique Walking Dead die to determine your category colour
  2. Another player takes the front card from the box and reads you the question for that category
  3. if you answer correctly, the card is returned to the box at the back of the deck
  4. You must then roll the die again with the object of answering a “wedge question”
  5. If you answer the “wedge” question correctly you get to keep the card in front of you
  6. This process is repeated until you get an answer wrong
  7. (That is, you must answer a question correctly, return the card to the deck, then answer another “wedge” question to keep that card)

  8. When you get an answer wrong, your turn is over
  9. The first player to collect 6 cards, wins!

How to play a Speed Game

For a speedier game, a player gets to keep the card each time they get an answer correct.

How you can Mix it Up

This Walking Dead deck slots right into a standard Trivial Pursuit game. To make a variation on the game, add the deck to a standard game and play to the standard rules. It adds a bit of zombie excitement to a standard trivial pursuit game and gives those novice walking dead fans a chance! Of course in a real apocalypse they would go first, so you win anyway.

Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit Verdict

This is an easy to follow, challenging, exciting, frustrating, addictive game based on the comic book series of The Walking Dead. Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show will be right at home with the characters they have met, but might struggle on the issue number questions.

If you think you are an expert on everything Walking Dead, you are going to love this game. Could be a great game to play in the advent of a real zombie apocalypse while you’re waiting for the inevitable.

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  • Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit
  • Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit
  • Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit
  • Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit
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