Walking Dead Sheriff Badges

walking dead sheriff badges
  1. 2 Sheriff Star Badges
  2. 2 Embroidered Patches
  3. 2 Lapel Insignias
  4. 1 Name Bar More…
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walking dead sheriff badges
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Walking Dead Sheriff Badges Description

With the help of this King County Georgia Sheriff’s Department Badge and Two Patch Set you can quickly and easily create an authentic Rick Grimes costume for any upcoming Comic Con, Walker Stalker convention or Walking Dead themed Halloween party!

Each of these Walking Dead King County Sheriff Badges sets contains all the badges, patches, insiginias and name plates you need to put together an authentic Rick Grimes King County Sheriff costume. The set consists of the following:

  1. 2 Metal Badges for Hat and Shirt (3 inches x 3 inches )
  2. 2 Iron on patches for shirt sleeves (3.75 inches x 4.5inches )
  3. 2 Insignias to attach to shirt collar points (1 inch x 1 inch )
  4. 1 Name Bar emblazoned with GRIMES (2.5 inches x 0.4 inch)

King County Sheriff Badges

King County Sheriff Star for Hat & Shirt

Unlike many generic Sheriff’s star accessories, the King County Sheriff stars have been crafted from highly durable and professional quality solid metal which has been intricately embellished with the King County Sheriff insignia, American eagle, crown and leaf detailing. One badge is worn on Rick Grime’s shirt above the left breast pocket. Carefully attach the other badge to the front of your Rick Grimes cowboy hat.

King County Sheriff Patches for Shirt

This high quality Walking Dead Badges set also includes two brown patches with the official King County Sheriff’s Department insignia embroidered upon them as depicted within the AMC TV series The Walking Dead. These embroidered patches measure 3.75 inches by 4.5 inches and feature the King County Georgia sheriff’s star in the centre with its authentic detailing as visible on Rick Grimes’ sheriff’s uniform throughout the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. These high quality embroidered patches have an “Iron On” backing so they can either be ironed or sewed onto your preferred sheriff’s shirt in no time at all. Watch out Walkers, there’s a new Sheriff in town!

King County Sheriff Insignias for Shirt Lapels

For a truly authentic Rick Grimes Sheriff outfit, you will also be supplied with two lapel insignias which are gold in color and should be attached to the points on your Rick Grimes Sheriff shirt. It’s the little details such as these insignias which really set your Rick Grimes costume a level above any other Rick Grimes at the gathering!

King County Sheriff Name Bar

The finishing touch is a gold name plate emblazoned with GRIMES and should be pinned to the dark buttoned down flap on Rick’s right breast shirt pocket.

Walking Dead Sheriff Badges Verdict

This Walking Dead King County Sheriff Badges set is the ideal investment for keen cosplayers and Walking Dead enthusiasts planning on making their own Rick Grimes costume. The Sheriff’s star badges, embroidered patches, lapel insignias and name plate can be effortlessly attached onto any shirt in a matter of minutes to create an authentic Walking Dead cosplay costume.

If you have just begun to create your Rick Grimes costume then our Zombie Pit team can even equip you with an authentic Rick Grimes short-sleeved uniform shirt and Sheriff’s hat. Please feel free to visit our Walking Dead Merchandise Section online today to view a wide range of Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Michonne cosplay accessories and collectibles!

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  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badges
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badges
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badges
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badges
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badges
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***Available for International Shipping***

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