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Walking Dead Sheriff Badge Description

Planning a Halloween costume, Comic Con ensemble or Walker Stalker cosplay creation? In which case, putting together an impressive Rick Grimes Sheriff outfit will be a cinch with this King County Georgia Sheriff’s Department Badge.


This King County Sheriff Badge and Name tag set includes a hat badge, shirt badge and the ‘GRIMES’ name tag as worn by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead. Each badge in this set is an excellent replica of those worn by Rick Grimes.

Both the star badges measure 3 inches (76mm) in diameter and weighs 1.9 oz (52g). The shirt badge has a clasp pin on the reverse so you can easily attach or remove your badge. A screw post and thumb screw with a butterfly pin sit on the reverse of the hat badge. This makes it easy to position and remove your hat badge and minimises the impact on your hat.

These King County Sheriff Badges display the King County Georgia insignia, the USA eagle and delicate leaf detail. All thre badges are made from durable metal so they should hold up under all the pressures of battling Walkers.

The name tag is a small gold bar showimg Rick’s surname “GRIMES”. It measures 2.375 inches (62mm) wide and is half an inch (18mm) tall.

Walking Dead Sheriff Badge Verdict

These Rick Grimes Sheriff Badges and name tag have been beautifully crafted to provide excellent replicas of the badges worn by Sheriff Rick Grimes. They are the ideal choice for cosplayers and Walking Dead enthusiasts who are putting together their own Rick Grimes costume. This Walking Dead Sheriff Badge would make an excellent addition to any Rick Grimes cosplay outfit. It would also make a great collector’s item for any fan of The Walking Dead.

King County Sheriff Uniform

Check out Rick Grimes Costume step by step guide for everything you need for a full Rick Grimes look which includes both his sheriff uniform and his the less formal look he later adopted.

If you have a penchant for bad boys, Rick Grimes Sheriff Costume is also identical to that worn by fellow Sheriff Shayne Walsh in the early episodes of The Walking Dead.

More Walking Dead

The team at Zombie Pit love putting together cosplay outfits and Rick Grimes is a particular favourite. His King County Sheriff phase is a particularly impressive look that is fun to wear and not difficult to put together. Along with the appropriate sheriff badge and patches, we can also recommend an authentic Rick Grimes short-sleeved uniform shirt and Sheriff’s hat.

Please feel free to visit our Walking Dead Merchandise Section online today to view a wide range of accessories and collectibles. These include Rick Grimes Costume, Daryl Dixon Costume and Michonne Costume. For alternative cosplay choices check out our Zombie Costumes recommendations which have been selected for their simplicity, affordability and quality.

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  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badge
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badge
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badge
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badge
  • Walking Dead Sheriff Badge
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