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walking dead blanket

Walking Dead Blanket Description

Hanker down in your storm shelter, huddle up with your Daryl Dixon Fleece Throw and a couple of Walking Dead DVD box sets, and you’ll be calm and comfortable irrespective of any potential zombie outbreaks occurring outside!
walking dead blanketThis sumptuously soft fleece throw arrives packaged measuring 11.8 inches by 11.7 inches by 4.6 inches and unfolds to reveal a luxurious Walking Dead blanket that is eye-catching yet practical as it is machine washable; perfect if you need to remove some grime and gore after using your Daryl Dixon Fleece Throw to fend off hordes of Walkers! Manufactured from 100% polyester fleece, this throw features a high quality image of Daryl Dixon sporting his short haircut from Seasons 1 and 2 of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead. Surrounded by clawing Walker hands, this fleece throw depicts a thoroughly unfazed Daryl Dixon looking effortlessly cool with his statement stare and trusty crossbow slung over his shoulder. This high quality image has been adorned onto this plush fleece throw in a black, white and red motif that will retain its vibrant colours and vivid detailing wash upon wash without fail. Short of sharing a sofa with Norman Reedus himself, what more could you ask for?

Walking Dead Blanket Verdict

If you have a Daryl Ad-Dixon, or you know some who does, then you have to own one of these super soft fleece throws! Eminently comfortable and professionally detailed, this Daryl Dixon Fleece Throw will serve you well throughout any Walking Dead TV marathon; keeping you warm and cosy during any comedic and emotional scenes whilst also providing excellent cover against Walker-related guts and gore! Fans of Daryl Dixon can also find a broad variety of Daryl Dixon cosplay costume accessories, figurines, clothing and TV collectibles within our Walking Dead Merchandise Section; satisfy your Daryl Ad-Dixon online today!

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  • Walking Dead Blanket
  • Walking Dead Blanket
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