Velvet Long Cardigan

Velvet Long Cardigan
  1. Velvet
  2. Also available in Black
  3. Light weight fabric
  4. Velvet with Chiffon Ruffles
  5. Collarless
  6. Cold Wash More…
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Velvet Long Cardigan
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Velvet Long Cardigan

Red Velvet Cardigan
This beautiful velvet cardigan captures the classic chic of neo-Victorian Steampunk in a romantic swirl of velvet and chiffon ruffles that simply ooze glamour. The beauty of this cardigan is that it will look good with just about anything. The model in the picture demonstrates that it is not out of place with classic blue jeans and a simple white shirt. Yet, it is versatile enough to match with the most glamorous of evening wear on a classy night out.
The length is very flattering, the fabric is lightweight; the chiffon frills along the lower hem create a soft look that adds to the romance as you move.
This elegant velvet cardigan is ideal for providing the finishing touch to any outfit. You know how it is when you have a beautiful evening ensemble that needs something to complete the look? You cannot add an ordinary cardigan, yet you feel a little underdressed with nothing on your shoulders. This cardigan is the solution to your problem. It can add a finishing touch to the simplest or the most most glamorous of outfits and is sure to become a firm favourite to complete your look on so many occasions.

Black or Red?

Black is always going to be a great choice as it is versatile enough to compliment whatever color scheme you have chosen. The black velvet cardigan oozes elegance and class. It is certainly the color Morticia Addams would chose, who incidentally, would look sensational in this cardigan!
The Red Wine color is very chic and a real show stopper. It can provides that finishing touch to so many outfits and will always look elegant. Looking for something to complete your Christmas outfit? What could be more glamorous and more seasonal that a long, flowing, “santa suit red” velvet cardigan? When you have finished creating a sumptuous feast for the family and finally found the floor again under the wrapping paper, slip on this velvet long cardigan and the rest of your day will instantly feel a whole lot more glamorous.

Which Size?

This classic black or red velvet cardigan is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The measurements are given in the chart below so you can be sure to select the optimum size for your frame. The cardigan is unlined with no shoulder pads, it has no fastenings or buttons and has no pockets.

    Size Chart

  • S: Length: 39 inch (100cm) | Bust: 37 inch (94cm) | Sleeve: 58 inche (22.5cm)
  • M: Length: 39.5 inch (101cm) Bust: 39 inch (100cm) | Sleeve: 59 inche (23cm)
  • L: Length: 40 inch (102cm) Bust: 41.5 inch (106cm) | Sleeve: 60 inche (23.5cm)
  • XL: Length: 40.5 inch (103cm) Bust: 44 inch (112cm) | Sleeve: 61 inche (24cm)


This beautiful velvet long cardigan which is available in red or black is an invaluable item to have in your wardrobe. It’s versatility means it can elevate the most simple of outfits and add a sensational finishing touch to the most glamorous of evening wear. Made in a lightweight velvet trimmed with chiffon at the hem, the style of this cardigan will flatter all shapes and sizes, providing the finishing touch to just about any outfit.

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