Vampire Blood

  1. Geography : United States > California > Napa County
  2. Red Wine
  3. Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel
  4. Alcohol by Volume : 13.5%
  5. Case Production : 2000 More…
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Vampire Blood
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2013 Vampire California Winemaker’s Red Blend Wine with Coffin 750mL

Close your eyes ,take a sip from a glass of Vampire Blood and your soul will hear sounds from a time long ago that your mind has tried to forget. The haunting strain of a gypsy violin, a babble of ghostly voices hurrying past, the distant howl from a creature unknown to any living mortal.
Maybe you are an unbeliever or maybe you choose not to hear.

Vampires have long been one of our favourite undead. Bela Lugosi’s definitive Dracula still haunts us; Buffy and Spike continue to battle it out in Sunnydale Cemetery, and who can erase the image of Stephen King’s vampire children floating outside their bedroom window?

Now you can indulge your fascination for the ‘children of the night’ by raising a glass of genuine Vampire Blood, whisked to your table from the Vampire Vineyards of Napa, California.


Michael Machat, the founder of Vampire Vineyards, was himself bitten by the vampire bug in 1985. He created a Syrah, selling the first 500 bottles to rock legend Alice Cooper and MCA Records in London England. This was quickly followed by a Sangiovese that was snapped up by the Anne Rice Fan Club in New Orleans. A trickle of Vampire Blood gradually found a route through New York and small pockets of America, gaining momentum and popularity as it flowed into a full size river. Today, Vampire Vineyards boasts a prestigious Vampire Lounge and Tasting Room in Beverley Hills which proudly showcases the Vampire Blood produced in Vampire Vineyards.

The Vampire Blood

vampireFrom Paso Robles to the Napa Valley, hand-selected fruit is sourced from distinguished estates, culminating in the wine that is produced in Vampire Vineyards. Only the best grapes are used in traditional style to bring you this unique experience. Wine is the product of the environment in which it is grown. The subtle flavours found in a region’s soil, plants and air will infuse with the grape, giving the wine a personality of its own. The premier growing regions that are home to the grapes in Vampire Blood will lead you on a journey from towering mountains with complex soils, through picturesque rolling hills to marine-cooled terrains. A strong, balanced wine takes patience and planning; it is a product of the finest growing conditions, the most favoured enviroment and the most scientific planning. All these ingredients, and a few inspired touches combine to produce a Vampire Blood wine that is balanced and truly refined.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room in Beverly Hills, California, it will be an experience to savour and remember. Alternatively, why not have the Vampire Vineyard whisk you a bottle of Vampire Blood to your table, where you can savour the delights of this auspicious wine at your leisure.


The presentation of this Vampire Blood is very theatrical and as much a statement as the wine itself. The presentation box is coffin shaped, much as one would expect from Dracula. The word VAMPIRE is neatly picked out in white with a drop of blood hanging from the lower point of the V. “Sip the blood of the Vine” is written in red at the bottom of the coffin, with decorative swirls that resemble fire. The label on the bottle continues the fire theme hinted at on the front, tasteful yet equally theatrical.

Vampire Blood Verdict

Vampire Vineyards has a wonderful selection for those who appreciate good wine and share an enthusiasm for the Vampire Horror genre. This wine would make an excellent gift for Christmas, birthday or similar celebration. The packaging is particularly eye catching making it as much a decorative piece as a wine to be savoured and appreciated.

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