Valentine Zombie Lover Bear

Valentine Zombie Love Bear
  1. Gray fur, Red eyes
  2. Facial scar, Razor-heart tattoo
  3. Tattered jeans, Screen-printed Tee
  4. Brain tagged “Romantic Dinner for Two”
  5. Stuffed heart
  6. Made in USA, 100% recycled stuffing
  7. Lifetime Guarantee
  8. Measures 15 inches
  9. Machine washable (delicate)

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Valentine Zombie Love Bear

Looking for the perfect valentines gift for your ghoul-friend or bear friend? Want to say ‘I heart you’ to the adoring undead bear-friend in your life?
With this adorable Zombie Love Bear you can make your valentine’s head swoon, their heart melt and their legs go all gooey all in one easy step. This little chap is frightfully endearing. With soft grey fur just right for a snuggle, red eyes to set any hear a flutter and a dear little scar for that stand out in a crowd look, this bear is unbearably attractive. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a razor-heart tattoo. Tattered jeans are what every zombie bear is wearing this season. When the screen-printed shirt has “I love brains” with the “brains” crossed out and “you” written in, it has to be true love; zombies seldom pass up the chance to sink their teeth into some juicy brains but this bear carries a tag on his suggesting a “romantic dinner for two”. Sophistication, romance and undead undulating affection all rolled into one. This Valentine Zombie Love Bear is going to wow your love one and make Valentines day an occasion to remember.
This zombie bear is the independent sort that needs little care. Stuffed with 100% recycled stuffing, he’ll be caring about the environment long after the walkers, zekes and zombies have long since faded away.

Valentine Zombie Love Bear Verdict

This Valentine Zombie Love Bear is an ideal gift for the love of your life. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed, the added touches of scar, tattoos, brain references, heart appliqué, red eyes, “romantic dinner for two” tag and “I love you” emblazoned tee make this a great gift for the zombie lover in your life. It would make an ideal gift for any number of occasions. It would make a great gift for Valentines day for you ghoul-friend, bear-friend or the eternal love of your life.
Well made and packed with 100% recycled stuffing, this is an easy care bear who is machine washable.
Give the gift of this great Vermont, Zombie Love Bear and melt the heart of your loved one.

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  • Valentine Zombie Love Bear
  • Valentine Zombie Love Bear
  • Valentine Zombie Love Bear
  • Valentine Zombie Love Bear
  • Valentine Zombie Love Bear

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Written by Frankie Zee

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