The Walking Dead Monopoly

The Walking Dead Monopoly
  1. Zombie twist on Monopoly Board Game
  2. For 2-6 players age 13+
  3. 6 collectible Walking Dead tokens
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The Walking Dead Monopoly

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and enjoy the monopoly board game, then you are going to love this specialised game that is based on The Walking Dead comic books on which the well loved TV series is based. the walking dead monopoly

Classic Monopoly Fun

Despite its post-apocalyptic setting, this Walking Dead Survival Edition Monopoly board game delivers classic Monopoly game play for 2 or more players. Hence, even if you are unfamiliar with all of The Walking Dead references, you will still be able to relate to the game. The rules are the same but the game is Walking Dead!

Land and Resources

Instead of striving to become landlords with houses and hotels, players are trying to find land and resources that can be fortified with walls and guard towers in order to survive.

Waking Dead Tokens

In true monopoly fashion the game includes 6 play tokens but here the familiar pieces have been replaced with Walking Dead themed tokens such as Rick’s cowboy hat and Negan’s Lucille bat. The property you strive to own will be the Alexandra Safe-Zone, The Hilltop-Colony or the Kingdom. This is a dream scenario for any fan of The Walking Dead enabling them to place themselves within the same environment that our Walking Dead heroes face on a daily basis.

The Walking Dead Monopoly Contents.

The familiar monopoly board has been replaced with a Walking Dead version that is delightfully colourful, graphic and immediately recognisable to The Walking Dead fan. Here is a breakdown of the new board:

BrownDowntown Atlanta, Survivor’s Camp
RedDowntown Woodbury, Woodbury Fight Arena, Woodbury Hospital
OrangeGreene Family Farmhouse, Greene Family Barn, Wiltshire Estates
YellowThe Hunters’ Base, Father Gabriel’s Church, National Guard Station
GreenThe Kingdom Sanctuary, Savior’s Base, Downtown Washington DC
BlueAlexandria Safe-Zone, The Hilltop Colony
Light BlueCynthiana Police Department, Harrison Memorial Hospital, Rick’s Neighborhood
MagentaPrison Block A, Prison Block C, Prison Courtyard
UtilitiesGenerator,Running Water
Railway stationsHorse, Motorcycle, RV, Truck
Walking Dead themed game tokensKatana, Telephone, Lucille, Rick’s Cowboy hat, Dales RV and a bucket of body parts!

Walking Dead Currency

In the world of The Walking Dead cash has little value, it is supplies that are the modern currency, hence your familiar monopoly money has been replaced with supplies.
Houses are now perimiter walls, hotels have been replaced with guard towers.

Scavenge and Supply

The “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards are now Scavenge and Supply Chest cards respectively.
In this version the Tax brackets are now Zombie Herd and Protection, far more relevant to a Walking Dead environment.

The Walking Dead Monopoly Verdict

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game is a quality, fun game for 2 or more players where the board, pieces and gameplay have been set out to resemble The Walking Dead comic books on which the TV series is based. Colourful and imaginative, the game components capture The Walking Dead theme beautifully.

With everything in the gameplay tailored to resemble The Walking Dead environment players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the same world that Rick Grimes and his posse find themselves on a daily basis. This Walking Dead version gives a fresh feel to a solid game model that has stood the test of time and numerous themed versions and repeatedly re-invents itself.

The Walking Dead Monopoly version is extremely popular with Walking Dead fans for good reason: This game provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in The Walking Dead environment which is particularly appealing to fans of the comic books or TV show, it is a game that is easy for newcomers to learn, The Walking Dead Monopoly can be played with the whole family, even if they are not familiar with The Walking Dead.

This is an excellent game and great value for money.

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  • The Walking Dead Monopoly
  • The Walking Dead Monopoly
  • The Walking Dead Monopoly
  • The Walking Dead Monopoly
  • The Walking Dead Monopoly
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