The Walking Dead Infected Shirt

walking dead infected
  1. The Walking Dead exlusive
  2. Dual layered front for 3D effect
  3. Awesome graphics reveal
  4. 100% Cotton
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The Walking Dead Infected Shirt

Now you can look just like one of The Walking Dead with this Daryl Dixon The Walking Dead Infected t-shirt.

All round art

As well as some amazing print work, the shirt has been constructed so that it looks like a zombie’s rotting corpse lurks just beneath the surface of a ripped shirt. The result is a 360 degree detailed effect as the artwork continues on the back.


From whatever angle you view this shirt, there is a lot going on and it really is quite hard to look away. Much like occasional aspects of The Walking Dead, some of it might look gross but yet you can’t help staring!

Conversation Piece

Some people go to a gallery and gaze at fine art, this is a shirt that is likely to similarly attract admirers and is definitely going to be a conversation piece!

AMC Logo

Pride of place on the front of this shirt is the AMC The Walking Dead logo in bold white characters. It dramatically contrasts the main body of the shirt which is a blend of black and red.

Bloody Handprints

Look closely and you will realise the red is actually several bloody handprints all over. A large tear in the chest area of the shirt reveals a rotting zombie ribcage underneath. The effect is delightfully dramatic and very cool.

Blood and Bones

There are several more smaller tears which each reveal glimpses of zombie parts underneath. This is not just a 3D print effect, the top level is actually ripped to reveal the bones and blood that are going on underneath.

On the Back

On the reverse of this shirt there is another great picture that will stop onlookers in their tracks. Several versions of this shirt are available featuring characters from The Walking Dead on the reverse including Michonne, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and Walkers.

Walking Dead Hero

The reverse of this particular shirt features none other than that crossbow wielding, bike riding all round tough guy Daryl Dixon. The largest portion of the picture is dominated by a detailed photo print of Daryl, his piercing eyes fixed in a steely glare.

The backdrop of this print is a red and black image of Daryl in action, wielding his crossbow. The words “We’re All Infected” are printed in large letters in red and there is a nice big bloody handprint to seal the deal.

Walking Work of Art

This amazing shirt truly is a walking work of art and has been created using skin friendly, Azo-free reactive dyes. It is made from 100% cotton so as well as looking like a mobile episode of The Walking Dead, it is also very comfortable. Any Walking Dead fan would be delighted to own one of these graphic shirts.

The Walking Dead Infected Shirt Verdict

This is a well made, comfortable, practical shirt which also happens to be an amazing piece of Walking Dead graphic artwork. The rips in the top layer create an amazing effect with the layer beneath showing ribcage, bones and blood.

The artwork on the back is equally beautifully done, creating an all round animated statement. This amazing shirt would make a great gift for any fan of The Walking Dead!

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  • The Walking Dead Infected
  • The Walking Dead Infected
  • The Walking Dead Infected
  • The Walking Dead Infected
  • The Walking Dead Infected
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