Shaun of the Dead Merchandise

Shaun of the Dead Merchandise

Shaun of the Dead and Ed

Within our Shaun of the Dead Merchandise Section you will find an assortment of memorabilia from the iconic Shaun of the Dead Movie. If you are in need of a cosplay out for Shaun or Ed for an upcoming Halloween bash or zombie soiree, then look no further.

Shaun of the Dead Costumes

We will take you through a step by step guide on how you can put together a brilliantly simple outfit for Shaun of the Dead. It includes his trademark red tie that doubles as a bandana later in the film when he is stabbed with a dart. A quality Sales Advisor Badge shows his place of work, at Foree Electric.

Equally, we have some great ideas to cosplay Ed from Shaun of the Dead. Step into our step by step guide for a simple, easy to achieve costume. Ed’s I Got Wood shirt makes him immediately recognisable. Just add a shovel or a can of beer for the full effect!

Shaun of the Dead Introduction

For those who need an introduction from our zero to hero, Shaun Riley, we have a review of the movie. We walk you through a synopsis, character descriptions and a comprehensive guide to the multitude of prestigious accolades this iconic film has been awarded. See the Winchester Public house as it is today. Zombies?

Shaun of the Dead Action Figures

The action figures you will find in our Shaun of the Dead Merchandise Section are extremely detailed. These quality figures would make great gift ideas for any Shaun of the Dead fan. What self respecting fan wouldn’t love a delightful action figure of Shaun spouting catch phrases from the movie?

Shaun of the Dead Collectibles

We also give you the chance to get your hands on an authentically autographed cricket bat, signed by Simon Pegg. It is accompanied by the relevant documentation to prove authenticity.

Shaun of the Dead Merchandise

If this has whetted your appetite, check out our tshirts and other Shaun of the Dead Merchandise to which we will be adding regularly. Now, how’s that for a slice of fried gold?