Survival Grenade Kit

Survival Greande Kit
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Survival Grenade Kit

There is no time like the present to start preparing for a zombie apocalypse. If you haven’t started packing that all important zombie apocalypse survival pack yet, here is a nifty little gadget that might get you started. This versatile Grenade Survival Kit comprises of a compact 18 pieces in 1 survival kit that could prove essential to your survival, not just in a zombie apocalypse but in any emergency scenario where your survival is under threat.

Compact Survival Gadget

Wrapped into a small grenade shaped package, this invaluable little gadget can be used as a key-ring, clipped to your belt or bag, or packed away in a survival kit ready for the day it is needed. In the run up to the apocalypse, this survival grenade can be useful in all sorts of situations where one or more of its contents might get you out of a tight spot.

Handy on Fishing & Camping Trips

Pack it when you go camping, throw it in your tackle box on a fishing trip, stuff it in your backpack when you go hill walking; it’s the sort of gadget that will no doubt come in handy when you least expect it.


Your Gorilla Egg is made from 550 paracord. It comes with an upgraded snap hook click for extreme logenvity and strength. Every Gorilla Egg is backed with a 100% no questions asked lifetime money back guarantee. This Gorilla Egg Emergency Survival Grenade Kit is available in a choice of colors that include glow in the dark. Light and practical, this Survival Grenade Kit can easily be clipped onto your Survival pack, the loop on a belt or a suitable bag handle so that it is always at hand. It contains 18 essential tools which can prove invaluable for any number of survival scenarios.


Whether you are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, natural disaster or like to be prepared for any eventuality, you will be glad you found space for an emergency Survival Grenade Kit in your survival pack. People who embrace the great outdoors such as hiking, camping, fishing trips or voyages of discovery, will also benefit from this lightweight, versatile, invaluable piece of survival equipment.

Life Saver

This emergency survival grenade kit takes up little space in a back pack but can also be clipped to a belt or strap for quick access. It is easily portable, durable, looks pretty cool and on top of all that, could save a life!

What do you get in the kit?


On the Outside of your Survival Grenade you will find:

  1. 9 feet of Durable 550 Paracord
  2. Emergency whistle for signalling
  3. Carabiner upgraded to a Military Grade Snap Hook for added strength and durability

Inside your Surival Grenade You will find

  1. Fishing hooks (2)
  2. Floats for fishing (2)
  3. Fishing swivels (2)
  4. Weights for fishing (2)
  5. Fishing line
  6. Flint for fire starting
  7. Tinder which can be used as kindling for fire starting
  8. Tin foil which can be use for cooking, signaling, and reflecting heat
  9. An alcohol Pad For Disinfecting or assisting in fast ignition for emergency fires
  10. A needle for your first aid or other sewing needs
  11. Iron wire for trapping
  12. 2 Safety pins
  13. A razor sharp knife blade for your cutting needs

How useful are these contents?

Now, we are not suggesting that this Survival Grenade Kit is all the emergency gear you are going to need. However, there are some great little items included that could get you out of a tight spot in an emergency. Let’s take a closer look at some of the contents.


This kit contains a 9 foot length of durable 550 paracord. Paracord was originally designed for the suspension of lines in parachutes. The number 550 refers to the rated strength of the cord, which is 550lbs. Given it’s strength-to-weight ratio, versatility and portability, it is ideal for a number of applications. These might include everyday situations where paracord could be used to substitute as a temporary fix. For example, used as a belt, lanyard for keys etc, zipper pull, a dog leash or a boot lace. On the otherhand, paracord also has more urgent applications in emergency situations. These might include providing a link between a group of people when there is poor visibility, creating a trip wire or intruder alert on a camp site, as a guy line to secure a tent or as a rope replacement.


Having a whistle attached to your survival grenade kit means you will always have a way to call for help that is within ear shot. A whistle can be heard over ambient noises such as the wind and can carry much further than the human voice. Learn the morse code for SOS and you can quickly alert others that you need help.

Flint and Tinder

Being able to create fire in an emergency situation can be a life saver. It can provide you with the means to keep warm, safe and have a hot meal as opposed to being hungry, vulnerable and exposed to extreme cold. In a tight spot, the tinder and flint in this kit could prove invaluable.

Fishing Equipment

If you are near to water, then having the tools at hand to catch a fish can mean the difference between having a hot meal and going hungry. Good job you have that tinder and flint so you can cook it too!

Survival Books & Videos Included

As well as these invaluable survival tools, this Survival Grenade Kit arrives with 4 survival eBooks with great tips and advice on survival. In addition, you will find a camping video training series and 101 camping and outdoor recipes.


Ideal Survival Gadget

If this seems like a great little gadget you would like to pack in your camping bag, fishing kit or more appropriately, zombie apocalypse survival kit, then click to make sure you don’t leave home again without your very own Emergency Survival Grenade Kit today.

Great Gift Idea

Any number of the items contained within this emergency Surival Grenade Kit could be a life saver. Those who follow outdoor pursuits would have no hesitation in including one of these invaluable little gadgets in their backpack or survival bag. This is what makes a survival grenade kit such a great gift for Christmas, birthday, or saying bon voyage as they head off into the great blue yonder. Give the explorer in your life the gift of a survival grenade kit. They’ll love it!

Survival Grenade Kit Verdict

Whether you are packing a survival bag in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse, putting together a bug-out bag in case of a natural disaster or simply like to have a few survival tools at your disposal just in case, this compact grenade shaped survival kit is going to be a great asset. It is light-weight, compact, and, along with paracord, a whistle and a durable carabiner, is packed with 18 items that are always useful to have in a tight spot.

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