The Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook

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Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook

When the zombie apocalypse eventually arrives, ‘what’s for dinner?’ When it happens, this will probably not be the most urgent question on your mind. However, once you have beaten a track to your dug out in the hills, fortified your house into a fortress, or whatever other emergency steps you take to secure your survival, at some point the question of what you are going to eat will definitely become an issue.

What’s on the Menu?

Assuming you have thought ahead and secured either a clean water supply, or at least some water filter tablets or a personal water filter straw, the question will remain, what is there to eat? We would suggest that given the electricity supply is probably in jeopardy, the next hot question would be, how am I going to cook it? and finally, how are we going to store it now the fridge has gone?

Easy Zombie Apocalypse Recipes

The simplest solution of course is to come up with a range of recipes that are easy to put together. An added advantage would be selected recipes that require only the most rudimentary cooking skills. However, even with those zombies at the door, you are still going to want your meals to look and taste delicious.

The Snacking Dead

If you are a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, or Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guides, or indeed anything to do with zombies, you will delighted to hear that those clever creators who brought you “Fifty Shades of Chicken” have put together a new parody cookbook that has taken all this into consideration.

Packed with snack ideas, tips for cooking under duress and inspired recipe ideas, “The Snacking Dead” by D.B. Walker, elegantly delivers a smorgasbord of delicious dietary delicacies all wrapped up in a love story that will send shivers down your spine and get your taste buds a’ tingling!

Hero Sandwich

The Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook story centres around the character of Pam Beaumont, zombie slayer and part time cook. The love of her life, Daryl the backwoods bad ass with a glint in his eye and a cross bow on his arm, inspires her hunger to survive and pacifies her passions.

Saucy you may think? you haven’t heard the half of it! Get your hands on a copy of “The Snacking Dead PArody Cookbook” and find out how Pam survives on quick bites, quick wits and a quick fry up with Daryl at dinnertime!

This is a cookbook that will fill your stomach and your heart. From” brain food to finger food, sticky sweets to killer cocktails”, there are 50 recipes and a great story in this parody cookbook for you to savour.

If you like simple food wrapped up in a great story, this book is going to keep you chuckling from starters to dessert. Zombies might be able to exist on just brains but all the time you have a pulse these recipes are going to make your little heart beat faster and keep you wanting more!

Snacking Dead Menu Samples

Just to give you a small taster of things to come, here are some of the zombie apocalypse inspired snacks that Pam is going to serve up to keep the dashing Daryl coming back for more:

  • Sweetish Fleshballs
  • Nachos of the Living Dead
  • Elbows Casserole
  • Crabby Prepper Puffs
  • Survivalist Hero
  • Dire Ham Biscuits
  • Cold-Blooded Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Gratuitous Violence Jello Mold

Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook Verdict:

This book is a thoroughly good read with an amusing parody that relates to The Walking Dead TV show and a list of recipes that are zombie inspired. The recipes are simple enough to prepare, the book is very amusing and the pictures add a nice touch. The Snacking Dead would make an ideal gift for anyone who likes The Walking Dead, and enjoys experimenting with recipes.

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  • Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook
  • Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook
  • Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook
  • Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook
  • Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook
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