Shaun of the Dead Shirt – Printed

Shaun of the Dead Shirt T-shirt
  1. All over front print Tshirt
  2. 100% Polyester sports Fabric
  3. Officially Licensed
  4. Authentic Design
  5. Detailed Artwork
  6. Range of sizes S to 3XL
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Shaun of the Dead Shirt – Printed

If you’re a fan of the British zombie comedy classic Shaun of the Dead then this T-shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe! Manufactured from 100% polyester sports fabric, this comfortable, moisture control T shirt is part of an exclusive range of officially licensed clothing products from the Shaun of the Dead feature film.

Movie Accurate Print

This stylish and movie accurate Front Print Sports Fabric T-shirt features a vibrant print replica of Shaun’s work shirt from his job at Foree Electric. The shirt is adorned with Shaun’s red sales advisor name tag and red work tie. There are copious amounts of blood splatter all over the front of the shirt just as you would expect from Shaun

Everyday Wear

Shaun Riley, aka Shaun of the Dead, is a happy go lucky sort of chap who would normally be seen wearing a casual t-shirt rather than a buttoned up shirt and tie. Now you have the best of both worlds. You can be comfortable and casual, and at the same time recall an iconic character who has become synomymous with the zombie genre.

Superb Artwork

The detail on the front of this shirt is so vivid and life-like that no-one will have any doubt that you are Shaun Riley, aka Shaun of the Dead. It is comfortable, practical and an extremely cool shirt to wear if you are a Shaun of the Dead fan.

Halloween & Comic-con

Need a quick outfit for a costume event? Can’t think what to wear this Halloween? This shirt is going to answer all your questions and more! Not everybody wants to spend the lead up to a costume event with a glue gun and sewing machine. If this describes you, then this shirt is definitely your answer. With this shirt you can be ready to rock and zombie in the time it takes to change your shirt.

Lockdown in the Winchester

Get your hands on some stage blood and a prop Winchester or snooker cue and you could easily play Shaun when he is on lockdown in his favorite pub, the Winchester. Check out our Shaun of the Dead Costume Guide and Ed from Shaun of the Dead Costume Guide for more ideas.

A real Zombie Apocalypse

When the zombie apocalypse arrived at chez Shaun, he had no time to prepare. If the zombie apocalypse comes to a town near you, we think this shirt could be ideal attire to face the hordes. Simply, pull on your Shaun of the Dead printed t-shirt, grab your cricket bat and you are ready for battle. Such a versatile shirt! It’s the shirt that keeps on giving.


This officially licensed shirt bears an authentic replica of the work uniform worn by Shaun Riley in Shaun of the Dead.. The print extends all over the front. It consists of a basic replica of this white, short sleeved shirt with collar that Shaun wears to work. You can see his red striped tie and Foree Electric name badge which bears the words “Sales Assistant” and his name SHAUN. There are copious amounts of blood spattered all over the front of the shirt.

Made from 100% Polyester sports fabric, this shirt is nachine washable. It is available in a range of sizes including Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and 3X-Large.

You need this shirt

So why not order this Shaun of the Dead All-Over Front Print Sports Fabric T-Shirt online today? It is comfortable, great casual wear and a constant reminder of one of the best zombie movies of all time. It will have your back at Halloween and will be sure to be a big hit when you wear it at the Christmas ugly sweater party. Technically, we know it is not exactly a sweater. Anyone who points this out is just jealous.

Great Gift

Once you have secured your own Shaun of the Dead Shirt, perhaps you should consider other zombie fans? This would make a great shirt for any Shaun of the Dead fan. Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, sudden outbreak of zombies.

More Shaun

Check out the rest of our Shaun of the Dead Merchandise today. We have full Shaun and Ed costume guides, prop cricket bats as well as collectables and of course, the Shaun of the Dead movie.

Shaun of the Dead Shirt Verdict

This truly is a must have shirt for die hard Shaun of the Dead fans. The markings on it are authentic and look so realistic. It can be worn casually but would make a great outfit for a Zombie event. You can transform from you into Shaun in the time it takes to change your shirt.

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, this shirt will be indispensible. You can wear it whilst having a pint in the Winchester Tavern and waiting for the whole thing to blow over. Now how’s that for a slice of fried gold?

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  • Shaun of the Dead Shirt
  • Shaun of the Dead Shirt
  • Shaun of the Dead Shirt
  • Shaun of the Dead Shirt
  • Shaun of the Dead Shirt
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