Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt

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  2. Two Tone Short Sleeve Uniform Tan Shirt
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Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt Description

Create an authentic Rick Grimes cosplay costume with this Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirt! Whether you are prepping for your next Comic Con, Halloween party or Walking Dead themed event, this Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirt can form the core of any exceptional Rick Grimes outfit.

Available in sizes Small up to XL, this shirt has been manufactured from 100% polyester. As such, this eminently versatile shirt is machine washable; perfect for ridding yourself of Walker-related blood stains, guts and gore!

Each of these Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirts features contrasting shoulder epaulets, a banded collar, two pleated pockets and two creases which have been sewn into the front to facilitate a comfortable yet tailored fit. Each of these Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirts has also been fitted with seven front buttons plus a button on each breast pocket to secure the contrasting pocket flap.

All of these minor embellishments culminate in a high quality Sheriff’s shirt that will look amazing when paired with a Sheriff’s hat and King County Georgia Sheriff’s Department badge and patches, not to mention your preferred Walker annihilating weapon of choice.

Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt Verdict

At Zombie Pit we love any excuse to dress up as our favourite Walking Dead characters, so we highly recommend this Two Tone Short Sleeve Shirt for fellow cosplayers looking to create an authentic yet comfortable costume.

Whether you are creating your Walking Dead costume for a Halloween bash, comic book convention or even a Season 7 premiere party, you can complete your Rick Grimes Sheriff’s uniform in fantastic fashion by pairing it with our Walking Dead Sheriff’s Hat and Badge and Two Patches Set.

All of these, together with more Walking Dead goodies can be found within our Walking Dead Merchandise Section. So what are you waiting for? Suit yourself up for the impending zombie apocalypse online today!

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  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt
  • Rick Grimes Sheriff Shirt
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