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Directors: Paul WS Anderson (1,4,5,6) | Alexander Witt (2) |Russell Mulcahy (3)
Screenplay : Paul W.S.Anderson
Producers: Paul WS Anderson,Jeremy Bolt,Bernd Eichinger,Samuel Hadida, Don Carmody, Robert Kulzer
Release Dates: 15-Mar-2002 | 10-Sept-2004 | 21-Sept-2007 | 10-Sept 2010 | 14-Sept 2012 | 23-Dec-2016
Running Times: 1hr 40m | 1hr 38m | 1hr 34m | 1hr 37m | 1hr 36m | 1hr 46m


Alice returns to The Hive in Raccoon City, where Umbrella Corp is gathering forces for a final strike against the remaining survivors.


Resident Evil Synopses

Resident Evil 1

The first instalment in the Resident Evil feature film franchise introduces us to the “Hive”; a top-secret facility researching genetics which is owned by the Umbrella Corporation. It is located underneath Raccoon City. Red Queen is the name for the computer management system that monitors and controls The Hive.

Having detected a hazardous leak of T-Virus, the Red Queen secures the leak by shutting down the facility and killing all its inhabitants in order to prevent the T-Virus from reaching the surface. Unfortunately the T-Virus causes the dead to re-animate and turn into flesh-craving zombies! The Umbrella Corporation calls on an elite team of security operatives to enter the facility, shut down the central computer and contain the T-Virus.

Resident Evil 2

Moving on to the sequel, Resident Evil Apocalypse, and we follow the adventures of Alice as she awakens to find Raccoon City overrun with zombies. She discovers that she too is the victim of an Umbrella experiment; granting her with bio-genetically enhanced strengths, senses and dexterity which prove useful against the undead!

There are still survivors in the city including Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira; members of Umbrella’s elite Special Tactics and Rescue Services team. Help also comes in the form of Dr Charles Ashford, a leading scientists for Umbrella who vows to help Alice and the others to escape Raccoon City if they will find his daughter, Angie. However, danger lurks around every corner as Alice faces off against her Nemesis…

Resident Evil 3

Moving onto Resident Evil Extinction and we travel alongside Alice to the Nevada desert. Once contained to Raccoon City, the zombie threat has now gone global, and Alice and her comrades must fight to destroy the virus which threatens to turn the whole planet into a mindless throng of zombies.

Resident Evil 4

The battle continues in Resident Evil Afterlife; with Alice soldiering on in her search for survivors who can help her fight against the deadly T-Virus and hoards of the undead. However, the Umbrella Corporation are out to eliminate anyone who can reveal their sinister secrets. When news of a sanctuary free from the undead leads Alice and her comrades to Los Angeles, they find the city is overrun with zombies. It’s a trap!

Resident Evil 5

The T-Virus created by the Umbrella Corporation reaches global proportions in Resident Evil Retribution. With legions of flesh eating zombies roaming the Earth ravaging everything in their path, once again Alice must champion a rag tag group of survivors. With the assistance of some old friends and a few new ones she has made along the way, Alice must fight against the clock ticking down to the end of the world!

Resident Evil 6

Immediately following Resident Evil:Retribution, in what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead, Alice finds herself alone. This nightmare began in The Hive, Racoon City and that is where Alice must return. In a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse, the Umbrella Corporation is mustering its forces. Join Alice in what is truly the battle of a lifetime.

Resident Evil Violence Rating

Scenes of extreme violence run throughout the movies. Examples of some of the violence you will see are as follows:

Laser beams cut off a man’s hand and a woman’s head. The woman’s severed head slides to the ground. Another person is cut in half, another is cut into cubes; all accompanied with plenty of blood and sound effects.
A man is attacked by zombies who bite and tear at him (we hear ripping, gnashing, chomping, and his screams), and we see him later slashed and gouged.
A woman is attacked by zombie dogs.
A woman attacks many zombies, snapping their necks with her hands and legs.
A zombie attacks a woman and bites her hand; we see the bloody hole in her hand.
Zombies bite a woman’s arm and a man’s leg.
Generally, there is much slaying of zombies and humans carried out in a graphic way throughout these five films; These films are not suitable for children or those of a nervous disposition.

Resident Evil Cast

Alice:Resident Evil

Alice is played by Milla Jovovich. In the first film she wakes to discover that the research facility in which she worked has suffered a security breach. In order to survive, Alice joins a task force sent into the facility to battle the undead, contain the T-Virus and shutdown the central computer. Alice is seen throughout all five movies and soon develops into a lean, mean, zombie killing machine!

Rain Ocampo:Resident Evil

When an accident at the Umbrella Corporation results in the leak of the T-Virus, Rain Ocampo is a member of an elite force sent into the Hive in order to battle the zombies and contain the infection. Played by Michelle Rodriguez, Rain and her two comrades are the first to encounter a zombie. Rain is bitten on the hand, but battles bravely to fight off the effects of the T-Virus.

James ‘One’ Shade:Resident Evil

Played by Colin Salmon, James Shade goes by the operative name “One”. When the T-virus is leaked and the Red Queen Computer shuts down the “Hive” research facility, Shade leads the elite force into the Umbrella Corporation genetic research establishment. Traps set by the Red Queen include deadly lasers; devices which Shade proves far more adept at dodging than his comrades!

Jill Valentine:Resident Evil

Jill Valentine first makes an appearance in Resident Evil Apocalypse as a highly trained Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) officer. When Raccoon City becomes infested with zombies, Jill joins forces with Alice to battle their way out of Raccoon City and help find the daughter of a senior doctor from the “Hive”. Played by Sienna Guillory, Jill Valentine also joins forces with Alice in Resident Evil Afterlife and in Resident Evil Retribution.

Carlos Oliveira:Resident Evil

Carlos Oliveira was a member of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. We first meet Oliveira in Resident Evil Apocalypse when he joins forces with Alice in order to help find the daughter of Dr Ashford. Played by Oded Fehr, Oliveira also joins forces with Alice in Resident Evil Afterlife and in Resident Evil Retribution.

Dr Sam Isaacs: Resident Evil

Dr Sam Isaacs is played by Iain Glen. Tall, green-eyed and British, Dr. Isaacs is employed by the Umbrella Corporation before the outbreak of the T-Virus. He is a brilliant scientist but his experiments are dangerous. In Resident Evil Extinction Dr Sam Isaacs is conducting research in an underground lab in the Nevada desert and attempting to track Alice’s whereabouts.

Albert Wesker: Resident Evil

Albert Wesker is played by Shawn Roberts in Resident Evil Aftermath and Retribution. Wesker is power-hungry, cunning and a resourceful researcher at the Umbrella Corporation. As such, Wesker is also willing to take part in illicit activities to further his own ends; amongst which include betraying friends to further his own ambitions and taking part in genetics experiments to increase his own power.

Claire Redfield: Resident Evil

Claire Redfield is portrayed by Ali Larter. First appearing in Resident Evil Extinction, Claire is the younger sister of Chris Redfield. Her interests in the Air Force, motorcycles and military combat techniques, combined with her proficiency at hand to hand combat, prove invaluable when fighting off zombies in Raccoon City.

Resident Evil Verdict:

The Resident Evil feature films are based on the popular “Resident Evil” Survival Horror Games Series. Although the plots of these films vary to the progression of the games in several aspects, you can expect to meet many of your favourite characters and undead creations from the games throughout this zombie film franchise!

These feature films have gained a strong cult following as well as widespread popularity from movie-goers who have yet to discover the joys of the multi-platform games. As such, whether you enjoyed the Resident Evil games, or if you are simply looking for another zombie film franchise, then you can expect to enjoy these movies.

After all, each of the instalments in the Resident Evil film franchises incorporates thrilling twists and exciting scenes which are guaranteed to give you a good scare!

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