Michonne Sword

michonne sword
  1. Officially licensed replica
  2. 1045 high carbon steel blade
  3. Built for functionality and collectability
  4. Handle wrapped in white leatherette &
    authentic black ray skin
  5. Wood scabbard wrapped in brown leatherette with
    a hand braided white leatherette
  6. Measures 40-1/2-inch overall length
  7. Blade: 26-3/4-inch (6.75 mm thick)
  8. Handle: 12-1/4-inch More…
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Michonne Sword Description

If you are a fan of AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead and the mysterious figure that is Michonne then you have to get your hands on this officially licensed Michonne Katana Prop Replica!

Michonne Sword

Within Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series, mainly the “Michonne Special” storyline, we learn that Michonne found her katana whilst searching a neighbour’s house for supplies.

Moreover, within the Season 4 episode “After” of the smash-hit AMC TV series The Walking Dead, we discover how Michonne honed her sword-wielding skills. We learn how Michonne encountered and killed Walkers on a day-by day basis.

Michonne Sword

Walking Dead Memorabilia

If you love Walking Dead memorabilia and are always keeping an eye out for the latest exclusive collectibles, then you’ll love this Michonne Katana Prop Replica! Every season AMC release a brand new, factory sealed, officially licensed Michelle Katana Prop Replica.

This specific model is referred to by collectors as “MC-WD001WS”. It is an exact replica of the katana that Michonne wields throughout Season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Officially Licensed

This particular Michonne Katana sword has a tempered 1045 carbon steel dull, non-sharpened, blade. It measures 40.5 inches overall with a 26.75 inch blade that is 6.75mm thick. This limited edition prop replica has been officially licensed by AMC and serves as a deluxe collector’s item. This wonderful replica is sure to make you the envy of any Walking Dead enthusiast!

michonne sword

Katana Replica

Each of these officially licensed Walking Dead Michonne swords serves as an accurate prop replica for Michonne’s katana as depicted within the comic books and TV series.

It features a black rayskin and leather cord wrap handle with a white synthetic leather over-wrap and adjustable shoulder strap.

Place this outstanding prop replica on your wall using the full colour wall mount display stand and poster provided. Give it pride of place on your wall so you can savour this exquisite piece of Walking Dead history!

Michonne Sword Verdict

This Michonne Katana Prop Replica is the perfect gift for any Walking Dead enthusiast and Michonne fan. Hang it with pride on your bedroom wall or give it pride of place on display for other Walking Dead enthusiasts to savour.

It really does have a magnificent feel as you wrap your hands around the blade and assume the Michonne battle stance.

Keep it nearby in the event of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Just like like Michonne, you too can strike fear into the hearts of any Walkers who dare cross your path!

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  • Michonne Sword
  • Michonne Sword
  • Michonne Sword
  • Michonne Sword
  • Michonne Sword
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If you are currently creating a Michonne outfit for an upcoming Walker Stalker convention, Comic Con or Halloween party, why not check out our Michonne Prop Replica Katana that will work great as part of your Michonne costume.

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