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Johnny Skull
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Johnny the Skull needs your help! Everyway Johnny turns he sees ghosts and ghouls appearing. If you fancy yourself as a sharp shooter, you can come to Johnny’s aid and help him eliminate those pesky ghosts. Team work is everything and with this pack you have two guns, so enlist the help of a fellow crack shot. A sharp eye, a quick reaction and nerves of steel are all that are required for you and Johnny to combine skills and overcome the ghosts. So are you ready?

Johnny SkullTo get started, just activate and synchronise Johnny with your Ghost Guns and you are ready to start blasting in this fun, arcade like action packed activity game. Once the game begins Johnny will turn his head in all directions. Immediately you will see ghosts that are projected from his eye flying all around the room and making ghostly spooky sounds as they travel. Now Johnny has revealed the ghostly spectres, it is your job to shoot them down as quickly as you can. Each gun will keep track of the number of ghosts shot, and it will also remember how many you missed! When the time is up, the winner is the crack shot ghost buster who has eliminated the most ghosts; it’s as simple as that!

The name Fotorama is synonymous with quality, action packed and fun games. They have been in this business for over 50 years, delivering numerous quality games and toys worldwide that are both innovative and fun. Their outstanding reputation is known and trusted around the globe for producing quality products that children of all ages will enjoy.

Fotorama’s Johnny the Skull is a game based on the simple shoot ’em up principles that both adults and children enjoy. Unlike screen-based games, Johnny the Skull will have everyone involved up and moving, as they chase the ghosts around the room. Everyone gets a turn, which will satisfy the competitive spirit in even the oldest children who play. As with most skill games, the more you play the better you get.

This action-packed arcade-like shoot ’em up would make an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys shooting games or activity games. The spooky element makes it an ideal choice for activity at a Halloween gathering where you want something that will keep children amused, or even adults!

It would also make a great Christmas present, so perhaps you should put one in the stocking of any budding sharp shooter you know? The game is aimed at those who are six years or older, but with the different skill levels available, it can even provide a challenge for adults too. So why not treat yourself to Johnny the Skull Game, there’s a real chance you might discover your own hidden shoot ’em up skills!

Johnny Skull Verdict:

This game is well designed, easy to understand and sure to provide hours of family fun. With several skill levels it has appeal for children of all ages. This would be a great game to bring out at a Halloween, and would also make a great present for Christmas or birthdays. Young or old, if you like shoot ’em ups, activity games or role play, you are going to love this Johhny the Skull Game!

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