Gothique Queen Top

Gothic Tshirt
  1. Cotton
  2. Machine washable
  3. Print is skin friendly, azo-free
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Gothique Queen Top

Amazing Graphic Artwork

This Gothique Queen Top is a beautifully printed shirt with a lot of detail. The quality of the print is such that it really does look like a flurry of lace and buttons, straps and buckles. It is only on close inspection that the three dimensional style print becomes apparent.

Incredibly Stylish

Made from 100% Cotton, you can be sure this Gothic Queen Top will be soft and comfortable as well as incredibly stylish. The printed image has been created using skin friendly, Azo-free, reactive dyes. The result is a look that is three dimensional and quite stunning.

Gothic Theme

The overall theme of the print is gothic, with lots of straps, button, buckles and chains. The front has been printed to resemble an open jacket with fold back lapels buttoned in place. Five pairs of buttons flank each side of the jacket, drawn together with silver chains.

Criss-cross Lace Effect

A criss-cross lace up effect runs from under the arm, almost to the hem of the jacket. This gives the look of how a corset is adjusted. The front “opening” of the “jacket” print gives the impression of another shirt underneath. The undershirt is dominated by zips, buckles and a red brocade fabric. Some mock ruffles add a flourishing lace shirt look at the neck, whilst in amongst these ruffles nestles a real piece of gothic artwork: a winged silver skull sits on a blood red backdrop with a large silver, beaded cross dangling below.

Stylish Sleeves

This style of buckles, laces and eyelets continues the length of each arm. The print gives the illusion of slightly puffed sleeves to the upper arm, coming in at the forearm which is wrapped in straps and buckles. The end of the sleeve fans out again after the wrist, creating a flaired effect that is designed to hang just over the hands for a truly Victorian/gothic look.

Gothique Queen Top

Gorgeous on the back

This work of art continues on the reverse, so you can be sure your Gothic Queen Top will look just as stunning as you walk away! The back of this gloriously printed shirt gives the illusion of a bodice that is being drawn together with large laces fed through eyelets, much the same way a corset would be laced. A romantic bow completes the laced up look, just above the end of the “jacket”.

Lace, Buckles, Eyelets and Straps

The tail of said jacket is neatly finished, coming to two points either side with some decorative “chains” on either side. Beneath the “jacket”, the end of the top resembles an undershirt in a contrasting black brocade, giving a finishing touch to the overall look. Please note, this is a printed shirt. The fact that it looks like a genuine goth shirt garnished with laces, buckles, eyelets and straps is a testimony to the quality of the print.


For the flair and decadence of a gothic ensemble with the convenience of a printed shirt, this top is ideal. Made from 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, the fabric is soft and comfortable. The print runs all over the shirt and is absolutely stunning. This is a quality printed shirt that will feel great and look even better.

It would be reasonable to use this shirt as part of a costume, for example a vampire look, Abby from NCIS, or part of a steampunk ensemble. However, to banish this shirt to the wardrobe for the occasional dress up event would be an absolute shame. This is an eye catching shirt that will get you noticed. Wear it with style, you deserve it!

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  • Gothique Queen Top
  • Gothique Queen Top
  • Gothique Queen Top
  • Gothique Queen Top
  • Gothique Queen Top
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Short Sleeve Gothic Queen Top

Goth shirt short sleeve
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  2. Cap Sleeve
  3. 100% Cotton
  4. Lace & Buckle Detail
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