Funko POP Rick

funko opruck
  1. A stylized Funko POP Rick
  2. Stands 3 3/4 inches Tall
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Funko POP Rick

When Rick Sanchez turns up on his daughter’s doorstep after a 20 year absence, it takes him no time at all to disrupt almost every aspect of their lives. Rick is an eccentric alcoholic, mad scientist who takes over the family garage, turning it into his own personal laboratory.

Rick is Unconventional

Rick Sanchez is dismissive of ordinary conventions such as school, marriage, love and family.

Rick frequently goes on adventures with his grandson Morty, which “take place across an infinite number of realities, with the characters travelling to other planets and dimensions through portals and Rick’s flying car.”

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This Funko POP Rick stands at 3.75 inches tall and arrives in the Funko POP presentation box. In true Rick style, he is clutching a flask and there are tell-tale stains around his mouth that Rick has been imbibing. For fans of Rick and Morty, this collectible Funko POP Rick really is a must. There are a number of Rick and Morty Funko POP collectibles available which would make a great display for any Rick and Morty enthusiast.

Funko Pop Rick Verdict

Rick may be an alcoholic, cantankerous, bad influence on the rest of the family but life is never dull when Rick is around. This 3.75 inch Funko POP Rick is a fine example of “Rick Sanchez of Earth Dimension C-137” with his spiky blue hair, obligatory lab coat and wild eyed, drink induced expression.

This Funko POP Rick is going to look great wherever he is placed. Put him on your desk at work for inspiration; place him on the TV to remind you not to miss Rick and Morty. Funko POP Rick is a desirable collector’s item for diehard Rick and Morty fans and would make a great gift idea for Christmas or Birthday.

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  • Funko POP Rick
  • Funko POP Rick
  • Funko POP Rick
  • Funko POP Rick
  • Funko POP Rick

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