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  1. Zombie Comedy
  2. Starring Billy Connolly
  3. Directed by Andrew Currie
  4. Released 23 October 2007 More…
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In many ways Willard is an idyllic little town. It combines all the charm of every 50’s situation comedy you ever watched and yet has one dramatic, sinister difference. When years previously the earth had passed through a cloud of space dust, the cosmos delivered a horror that was to take over the world: zombies! The war that ensued between the living and the undead was gutsy, literally. Those with a pulse ultimately triumphed, but what to do with the zombies who had survived? A solution was found by the brains at high tech company ZomCon who devised an electronic collar that, once placed around a zombie’s neck, removes their desire to eat human flesh. As a result, the zombies became docile and domesticated.

Everybody who is anybody in Willard now had their own zombie. This undead army of zombie servants are instantly recognisable in their cute boiler suit uniforms with a Z identity badge. They are capable of carrying out simple domestic chores such as cutting the grass, serving dinner and have replaced the faithful dog as a boys best friend and companion.
When the head of ZomCon moves in across the road from Timmy and his parents, Timmy’s mother refuses to be the only housewife on the block who does not have her own domesticated zombie. Despite zombie-phobic dad’s protests, she brings a zombie home and presents him to the family.

Timmy is delighted with his new best friend and promptly names him Fido. It seems ZomCon’s zombie collar is an ideal solution to the zombie problem and everyone is happy. What could go wrong?

Fido is an hillarious twist on the conventional zombie story in that it takes place after the zombie apocalypse has been resolved. The 50’s American “Father knows best” theme is the perfect backdrop to the comedy that ensues. Viewing the zombie as a family pet, adopted by Timmy as his new best friend, ought to be disturbing but yet it is charming and funny. It is great entertainment and apart from the occasional breach of zombie etiquette where they revert to type and eat people, Fido is one of the most wholesome, amusing zombie movies you will ever view.

Fido Violence Rating

There is little violence in Fido; there are a few incidents where violence is present but not shown in explicit detail, such as an elderly female corpse briefly in sight and a young boy decapitating a zombie. Several people are bitten by zombies but this is not accompanied by blood or gore.There are further incidents where zombies are shown with injuries but these are played for comedic effect. For a detailed description of all incidents of violence and scare level check out the IMBd Parental Guide

Zombie Vikings Verdict

Fido is a thoroughly amusing twist on the normal zombie story. The premise of Fido is reminiscent of the end of Shaun of the Dead where the zombies are found employment carrying out simple domestic chores. The charming innocence of the 50’s American sit com style is a perfect scenario in which to place zombies as domestic servants and pets, then sit back and watch the comedy unfold. Fido is masterfully played by Billy Connolly who is almost unrecognisable beneath the zombie makeup. If you like Shaun of the Dead, you are going to love Fido.

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