Edward Scissorhands Costume

edward scissorhands costume

Edward Scissorhands Costume

  1. Official Edward Scissorhands Licensed Costume
  2. 100% Polyester
  3. Jacket, Pants, Boot Tops, Belt
  4. One size fits all More…
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Edward Scissorhands Costume
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Edward Scissorhands Costume

Five Fun Facts about Edward Scissorhands

  1. The character of Edward Scissorhands was taken from a drawing Tim Burton sketched as a teenager.

    “Tim had done a drawing when he was in high school and he told me about it as we were searching for something to work on together, and I said, ‘Stop right there, I know exactly what to do with this.'”…..”That’s all Tim’s name.”[1]—Caroline Thompson, screenwriter for Edward Scissorhands

  2. It took 3 hours and 45 minutes to transform Depp into Edward Scissorhands.

    For four months Depp spent two hours a day in make-up, to have his eyebrows covered and scars applied… to his ghostly face. It took another 45 minutes to sew Depp into his black latex bodysuit … Then a hairdresser took a final hour to create Edward’s tousled mane.[2]

  3. Edward’s haircut was inspired.

    Edward Scissorhand’s hairstyle is based on Robert Smith’s from The Cure[3]

  4. Filming in Tampa, Florida was unbearably hot but Johnny Depp refused any cooling agents because he wanted to remain in character.

    “There was Johnny in his leather suit, refusing the cooling agent, and soldiering around with his gigantic scissors. It was really amazing, and I applaud him for the devotion that he showed.” [4] — Caroline Thompson

  5. Johnny Depp had a backup plan for Edward Scissorhands

    In an interview published weeks after Scissorhands’ release…He told the New York Times that he had kept the costume – just in case: “I still have the leather suit, and the hands. At least I have something to fall back on. If things don’t work out, in a couple of years I may be doing birthday parties at McDonald’s – as Edward. You know, 200 bucks a party.”[5]

Edward Scissorhands Costume

Amazingly, this costume set contains everything you will need to complete an Edward Scissorhands Costume with the exception of a pair of plain black shoes or boots. This Grand Heritage costume includes the following:
Edward Scissorhands jacket make of polyurethane and covered in patchwork of various shades and textures. It is embellished with three belts that have round gold buckles on the chest, metal studs and a tattered hemline. Three more straps with gold buckles sit around Edward’s throat giving a high collar look. Various studs, straps, eyelets, rivets and large patchwork stitching adorn the jacket creating a marvellous 3 dimensional multi textured look. Accompanying the elaborate jacket comes a pair of matching faux leather patchwork pants. Belts embellished with buckles wrap around one leg and a decorative cod-piece wraps around Edward’s nether regions. A large, quilted belt with a glorious moon buckle is worn around Edward’s waist and velcros around the back. The detailed boot covers sit neatly over your own shoes looking every inch as decorative and detailed as the rest of this costume with a series of buckles, belts, rivets and studs. This costume also comes with a pair of deluxe costume gloves adorned with scissors and blades. An Edward style wig is also included plus a makeup kit.

Edward Scissorhands Makeup

Edward Scissorhands has a unique makeup with a very pale complexion and numerous scars. His eyes have a permanent sad look which is achieved through getting the eyebrow contour right. For the ultimate Edward Scissorhands look, we would recommend you consider using quality makeup products which you will be able to apply with confidence once you follow this makeup tutorial created by cosplay expert, Alyson Tabbitha.

Edward Scissorhands Costume Verdict

In terms of a costume you can buy ready made, this is the best Edward Scissorhands Costume available. The makers really have gone to town in terms of recreating a detailed suit featuring all the buckles, belts, rivets, studs, textures and detailing you would expect to see on Edward’s Costume. It really is a very 3D experience with something going on wherever you look. For a fan of Edward Scissorhands this is an excellent buy in terms of quality and providing everything you need to complete the look, right down to the boot covers, wig and makeup.

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  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
  • Edward Scissorhands Costume
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