Dead of Night Lamp

dead of night
  1. Custom-designed presentation case
  2. FREE CFL bulb included for immediate enjoyment
  3. Measures 16 inches (40.6 cm) High.
  4. Shade measures 10 inches (25.4 cm) Wide
  5. Certificate of Authenticity More…
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Dead of Night
dead of night zombie lamp

Dead of Night Lamp

When darkness falls it’s always reassuring to turn on a light. As the warm tones envelop your surrounding the soft glow fills the room and somehow everything seems friendly. But what if you turn on the light and the zombies appear? With this exclusive Dead of Night Lamp we somehow think you won’t mind; it might have scary zombies but it’s just so beautiful!

This limited edition tabletop lamp has a zombie festooned base you are not going to see elsewhere. Created by award-winning sculptor, illustrator and FX artist J Anthony Kosar, this highly detailed exquisitely designed artwork beautifully combines a potentially grotesque scene with an attractive ornament that draws you in. It really is a most compelling piece of zombie artwork that just happens to have been practically and deftly fashioned into a highly desirable table lamp.

dead of nightAs you click on the light, immediately you are greeted with four grotesque zombies emerging from all directions. One zombie is pulling himself from the grave, another seems poised, ready to pounce from behind a tree, which is actually the main stem of the lamp but fashioned to form part of the sculpture. Another zombie in torn dungarees takes centre stage, his ape-like arms outstretched ready to launch an attack! Keen not to be left behind, the last zombie grasps at his knee, using the leverage to help pull herself from the ground. The plinth on which they stand has been designed to resemble mossy ground, and in the centre stands the tree, which is the main stand of the lamp. For a perfect finishing touch, the black shade illuminates to reveal a silhouette of the tree branches and a large full moon. It really ought to be such a scary scene, but it is just so attractive it is impossible not to stare!

The lamp stands at 16 inches high and the shade measures 10 inches. It has been masterfully hand-sculpted in artist’s resin and hand-painted to ensure preservation of every detail of these deliciously ghoulish characters. As you will want to start using your lamp right out of the box, a free CFL bulb is included, hence you need waste no time in getting the most out of what is sure to become, a focal point and subject of conversation in whatever position it is placed.

Whether you want one of these highly desirable lamps for yourself, or you know just the person who would appreciate one as a gift, we think the recipient of this highly collectible, limited edition lamp will be absolutely delighted.

Dead of Night Lamp Verdict

This quality lamp features the stunning hand-crafted artwork of J Anthony Kosar. As an ornament, it really is quite stunning. As a lamp, you will find yourself looking forward to the first signs of nightfall so you have an excuse to switch it on. Wherever you place this piece it will attract attention and conversation. Absolutely delightful, you will not be disappointed.

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