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Daryl Walking Dead Action Figure Description

daryl crossbow 3 215x300Ask any Walking Dead fan to name some of their favourite characters and, time after time, Daryl Dixon will feature highly on that list! So if you are a fan of The Walking Dead’s rebellious, cross-bow wielding, lone wolf then why not seize this opportunity to purchase your very own Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure!
Measuring 10 by 2 by 2 inches, this high quality action figure of Daryl Dixon will blend in seamlessly amidst any Walking Dead action figurine collection. What’s more, if you have an eye for authenticity then you will appreciate how each of these action figures has been meticulously crafted using a full 3D scan of Norman Reedus to generate a spitting image of the actor himself! daryl dixon crossbow
Each of these deluxe action figures features a blood splattered Daryl Dixon dressed in his iconic angel wings biker vest and jacket. Much like the character itself, this Daryl Dixon action figure need never be unarmed as it comes equipped with a removable hunting knife, Daryl’s trusty crossbow and plenty of arrow ammunition!
Remove the packaging of this Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure and you will also notice a removable poncho accessory; an addition which avid fans will note first made an appearance during Season 3 of The Walking Dead.
So whether you are a seasoned action figure collector or if this will be your first venture into the world of Walking Dead merchandise, you will not be disappointed with this Daryl Dixon Deluxe Action Figure! Exquisitely detailed and overloaded with accessories, this deluxe action figure offers a chance to own an exquisite replica of a fan favourite character!
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daryl Walking Dead Action Figure Verdict

This figurine is well made, very life like and impressively detailed from the replica essential crossbow right down to his ear sticking out of his hair. Any Walking Dead fan would welcome this figure in their collection. It would make an ideal present for a Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) fan and is excellent value for money.

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