Darth Vader Life-size Figure

Darth Vader
  1. Darth Vader figure is over 7 ft tall
  2. Breathtaking lifetime collector’s piece
  3. Movie Accurate, Museum Quality
  4. Light-up chestplate
  5. Exudes deadly confidence
  6. 92″ H x 42″ W x 27″ D
  7. Instructions included
  8. Pre-order NOW!
    Estimated: Feb-Apr 2021
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Darth Vader Life-size Figure

For the specific attention of all STAR WARS loyal followers!

This life size replica of Darth Vader has to be the ultimate collector’s piece. At over 7ft tall, this movie accurate, skillfuly crafted figure of Darth Vader is the most breathtakingly stunning representation of the ultimate villain you are ever likely to own.

Feel the Force

Instantly recognizable and utterly iconic, gazing at this Darth Vader figure will send chills through the bones of all who understand the power of the Force. This imposing figure exudes all the deadly confidence and intimidating menace we expect from Lord Vader at the height of his powers. Face Lord Vader if you dare. Feel the Force coursing through your veins. You are in the presence of greatness.

Creation of the Ultimate Super Villain

Darth Vader

Museum Quality Replica

In partnership with Legacy Effects, Sideshow are unveiling a 1:1 life-sized collectible of the ultimate super-villain, Darth Vader. At over 7ft tall, this figure accurately replicates the Darth Vader you have seen on screen. It is imposing in stature, and created to a standard that is worthy of display in a museum. Such an imposing iconic piece is sure to be the pride and joy of any Star Wars enthusiast.

Movie Accurate

Every attention to detail has been paid to ensure that the Dark Lord of the Sith has been faithfully reproduced down to the minutest detail. Darth Vader’s costume and cape have been expertly tailored. You will find Darth Vader’s armour is movie-accurate. His light-up chestplate is a work of art. No expense has been spared, no detail is too trivial to consider and no short-cuts have been taken on quality. This is the finest, most realistic high-end manifestation of Lord Vader you are likely to find in this galaxy.

Expertly Created

The screen image of Darth Vader is instantly recognisable and utterly iconic. Intimidating, peerless, fearless and down-right evil, Darth Vader embodies and gives form to our worst fears of the ‘Dark Side’. This unique Darth Vader life-size figure has been respectfully replicated with the dedication and awe of true Darth Vader enthusiasts.

In the creators’ own words:

It was not only an honor for us to create a life-sized version of our favorite character, but also a challenge to create a piece that is worthy of Vader’s legacy


Each Piece is Skilfully Replicated

This life-size figure of Darth Vader stands at 92″. His hands are resting on his belt while his lightsaber hangs withing easy reach at his side. This Darth Vader figure’s appearance is as intimidating and menacing as one would expect from a Sith Lord at the height of his powers.

Much like the Sith Lord himself, this figure of Darth Vader is beautifully proportioned. The distinctively shaped helmet is movie-accurate, with large cold eyes and a mask that draws your gaze. Lord Vader’s cape hangs full and freely to the ground, giving an almost regal quality and adding to the mystery of the armour that lurks beneath.

Darth Vader’s chestplate is a work of art, as is the detail on his belt. Whether it is Vader’s gloves, his belt, helmet or armour, the texture and color are accurate to the screen legend and a treat to behold. Darth Vader’s large, boot clad feet stand firmly on a distinctive platform, befitting the position of a Sith Lord.

Darth Vader

How to Build Your Darth Vader

Each Darth Vader comes with full assembly instructions which can be downloaded from SIDESHOW.

Instructional Video

Sideshow have also put together a neat video showing how easy it is to assemble your Darth Vader right out of the box. As well as being an invaluable guide for assembling your Darth Vader figure, this video is also a great way to get an accurate impression of the individual parts of this figure, the quality of the design and how easily they slot together. You will be impressed at the simplicity of the design and awe inspired at the overall appearance when assembled.

How Darth Vader will arrive

Five numbered boxes contain everything you need to build your Darth Vader figure and the video below shows a step by step full demonstration. Beneath the video you will find a run-down of what each box contains and a recap of how to assemble your Darth Vader.

What’s in the boxes and how do I build it?

Your Darth Vader life-size figure arrives in 5 boxes.

Here is a quick run down of what is in each box and a recap of how to construct your Darth Vader figure.


Box 1 : The first box contains the plinth on which Darth Vader stands and two metal support rods.
Box 2 : Boots, Trousers, Abdominal Padding Plate, Shirt with attached sleeves, Upper body armour, Lower Body Armour, Lightsaber, Belt
Box 3: Lower torso, Upper torso, 2 arms, chestplate
Box 4 : Shoulder plate, Cape, Hands and lower arms
Box 5 : Darth Vader’s head complete with helmet


Unpack each item according to the instructions for the simplest constuction. Ideally, two people are required to assemble Darth Vader

  1. Take the plinth and 2 rods from Box 1 Place the plinth on an even surface. Slide the two metal rods into the stand. It is on these rods that you build your figure.
  2. Remove Darth Vader’s boots from Box 2. Slide each boot onto the rods on the plinth. They immediately stand independently.
  3. Take Vader’s lower torso from Box 3 and his trousers from Box 2. The trousers slip easily onto the lower torso and zip closed.
  4. Place Darth Vader’s lower torso into the boots. At the back, lift his trouser legs and secure the nuts at the top of the rods in the plinth. Tuck Darth’s trousers into his boots.
  5. Remove Darth’s upper torso from Box 3. Position it over his lower torso and twist into place.
  6. Remove the abdominal padding plate from Box 2. Place it onto Darth Vader’s lower torso, secure with two attach velcro straps at the back.
  7. Take Vader’s two arms from Box 3 and his shirt from Box 2
  8. Slot Darth’s left arm into left shoulder and twist into place
  9. Feed left sleeve onto left arm and pull sleeve up
  10. While it is still unattached, slide Darth Vader’s right arm into the right sleeve
  11. Attach Darth Vader’s right arm into his right shoulder
  12. Ease right sleeve onto top of arm and adjust shirt into place. Zip shirt closed at the back
  13. From Box 2 take Darth Vader’s upper body armour (soft material) and slide it over his left arm
  14. Ease upper body armour into position. Velcro fastens it under Darth’s right arm. Zip up the back to secure in place
  15. Remove Vader’s lower body armour plate (soft material) from Box 2. Wrap around his lower body
  16. Secure lower body armour with velcro strap at the back and velcro pad on the front
  17. Remove the chestplate from Box 3. Insert 3 AA batteries in the box at the back
  18. Place chestplate in position onto Darth Vader’s body.
  19. Wrap the two lower straps attached to Darth Vader’s chestplate around his body and secure with velcro at the back
  20. Wrap the two upper straps attached to Darth’s chestplate over his shoulders, secure at the back onto velcro patches which are on the lower straps
  21. From Box 4 remove Darth Vader’s shoulder armour (solid piece) and cape. Attach the cape to the shoulder armour with the attached firm poppers
  22. Place the shoulder armour in position and pull the cape forward to reveal Darth’s back
  23. Secure the straps from the shoulder armour onto the large velcro patches on the top of Darth Vader’s upper body armour
  24. Ease the cape over Darth Vader’s back, then add the chain shaped neck band onto the front of the cape
  25. Slide the underneath cape over Darth’s left shoulder, around his back and over his right arm. This closes with velcro on Darth’s right side
  26. Position the outer cape over Lord Vader’s shoulders and arms and smooth all cape pieces into place
  27. Remove the lightsaber and the belt from Box 2
  28. Insert 3 AA batteries in both boxes on the reverse of Darth Vader’s belt
  29. Place the belt around Darth’s waist and secure at the back with velcro
  30. Depress the buttons on each box of the belt to make it light up. Add the lightsaber to the hook on the left side of Lord Vaber’s belt
  31. Remove Darth Vader’s hands and lower arms from Box 4. Ease into position. The wrists are slightly malleable for adjustment
  32. Depress the button on the chestplate to make it light up
  33. From Box 5 remove Darth Vader’s head. Undo bolts that secure it to the transport base
  34. Finally, place the helmet onto Darth Vader’s torso and ease into the required position



This life sized model of Darth Vader is stunningly realistic and breathakingly accurate in every detail. It would make a perfect finishing touch in any Star Wars fan collection. Darth Vader would make an imposing sight in any home-cinema and would add a whole new dimension to any screening of Star Wars.

In Your Man-Cave

In a man-cave, he is all the decor you would ever need. He makes a fine conversation piece when you have company and is the ultimate listener when you need to vent your spleen.

Halloween Meet and Greet

Place him in the hallway to great guests at Halloween to watch grown men go silent and render lesser beings catatonic. Guests will be lining up to have their photo taken with the Dark Lord of the Sith. As for cold callers, those trick or treaters won’t know what hit ’em!

What else can we say? If you have the inclination and the means to own your own life-size figure of Darth Vader, this is the piece and the time is now.

The quality of this piece is exquisitely accurate and life-like. Stare at Vader too long, and you might convince yourself he moved!

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About Darth Vader

The birth of a legend

In a galaxy far, far away, the towereing image of a Jedi warrior clad in black armour stepped onto our screens for the first time and a new super-villain was born.

The more we learned of Darth Vader, the more intimidating his legend became. His black armour made him impervious to attack, his skill with a lightsaber was unparalled and his command of the ‘Force’ gave him powers of telepathy and telekinesis to overpower any mortal.

Yet the mystery that shrouded Darth Vader’s apperance and persona stll eluded us and would do for some time. It was not until Revenge of the Sith that we witnessed the battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obe-Wan Kenobi that would culminate in the fallen Jedi’s fiery rebirth.

How Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader

Following the duel with Obe-Wan Kenobi on the lava laden planet of Mustafar, Anakin Skywalker dragged his fatally wounded, scorched carcas from the lava pits. Rescued by the Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Vader’s failing torso was encased in a life support system clad in armor which saved his life and defined his being henceforth.

Rising from the Ashes

The lie that Anakin had killed Padme in a blind fit of anger fell easily from the lips of Palpetine. With the loss of his love and the son he would never know, the tortured soul and tortured body of Anakin Skywalker embraced the dark side of the Force and emerged to face the world as Lord Vader. He struck terror into the hearts of the living and delivered a swift, painful death to those who got in his way.

Vader’s Constant Pain

Vader battled the pains of his injuries on a daily basis. The consequent festering anger he bore only served to draw him futher into the insidious depths of the dark side. Adapting to his suit meant learning how to wield a Jedi sword within the restrictive limitations of his armour. His use of the Force extended beyond the all over protection of his suit, giving him telekinetic powers and untold strength.

His Legacy

Yet, all was not lost for the fallen Jedi. Although Padme had died during child birth she had lived long enough to name their twin son and daughter. It would be years before Vader would learn the truth. Beneath the ashes, the flame of his true self smouldered. His real destiny had seemingly been denied him, but it was still there. In a galaxy, far, far away…

The Force is strong with this one.

Written by Frankie Zee

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