Clothes for Women

Clothes for Women

Combine your love of zombies and fashion with our extensive range of living dead Zombie Clothes for Women! From officially licensed Walking Dead T-Shirts to elegant 50’s style Hell Bunny dresses, our Zombie Pit team have scoured the Internet in order to match you with some of the best living dead inspired attire!

Walking Dead Hoodies

One of our favourite finds has been a Walking Dead Zip-up Sweatshirt. Made from 50% cotton and 50% velvet, we love the super soft feel of this effortlessly cool hoodie and strongly recommend it as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a fellow Walking Dead enthusiast. Come rain or shine, this super soft hoodie will keep you feeling comfortable and looking stylish as you slay any zombies in your path.

Daryl Dixon Themes Shirts

Whilst indulging our Walking Dead clothing addiction, our Zombie Pit team discovered a wide range of Walking Dead T-Shirts for women. Amongst these living dead listings include a fitted football style T-Shirt with ‘I Heart Daryl’ printed on the front, a white Daryl Dixon T-shirt made from 100% premium cotton, a ‘Walker and Wings’ T-Shirt which features Daryl’s famous angel wings adorned on the back as well as an ‘I Have a Daryl Ad-Dixon’ T-Shirt that Norman Reedus has been pictured wearing. Hey, if it’s good enough for Daryl Dixon then sign us up!

Zombie Dresses

Looking for a stylish dress that reflects your love of zombies? Then you’ll love our selection of Hell Bunny dresses. These beautiful garments epitomise 50’s pin-up girl fashion; from their sweetheart neckline all the way to their full circular skirt and immaculately fitted bodice. What’s more, by combining the cotton and elastine composition of these beautiful dresses with their intricate sugar skull and floral fabric designs, Hell Bunny have created garments that will leave you feeling stylish yet ready to run should the initial zombie outbreak occur.

Zombie Socks

As well as stylish zombie attire, our Zombie Pit team have also unearthed a wide range of comedic clothing that will reflect your love of all things living dead related. From our bright green zombie socks that come complete with fetching yellow toenails and scars, to our ‘Sock it To Me’ pairs that have been embellished with blood stains, exposed bones and spiders, we can ensure that you will be suitably equipped with a diverse collection of frighteningly funny footwear!

Quick Zombie Costume

Moreover, if you pair these super soft socks with one of our Zombie Cage T-Shirts or Zombie Corset T-Shirts and you can create a low key and hassle-free Halloween outfit or cosplay costume in a matter of minutes.

Zombies and Cats

Love cats as well as zombies? Well now you can combine your two favourite feral things within one outfit by investing in one of our ‘I Would Push You In Front Of Zombies To Save My Cat’ T-Shirts. Made from 100% cotton and featuring a picture of a cat amidst a horde of red cartoon zombies, this tabby cat T-shirt will make a great gift for any feline fanatic with a living dead addiction.

Zombie Themed Clothes

We have a great selection of zombie themed clothes to kit you out from top to toe. Whether it is Halloween or Christmas we have something you are going to love. Find your Christmas Sweater or invent an everyday zombie themed outfit for the Halloween Season. We add items all the time so make sure you come back soon to catch an exclusive glimpse at our updated listings!