Clothes For Juniors

Clothes For Juniors

Who says you have to be a grown-up to enjoy zombies? Within our Zombie Clothes For Juniors Merchandise Section we can match you with zombie themed T-Shirts, socks and even PJs for living dead enthusiasts of all ages.

Zombie T-shirts

Find a birthday or Christmas present for a Walking Dead fan from a variety of officially licensed Walking Dead merchandise. For instance, one of our most popular Walking Dead T-Shirts is a blood-stained black T-Shirt featuring The Walking Dead logo emblazoned on the front that is being clawed at by dozens of hungry Walker hands!

Daryl Dixon shirts

Fans of Daryl Dixon will love our Walking Dead ‘Claimed’ T-Shirts which feature everyone’s favourite cross-bow wielding zombie hunter. These high quality cotton shirts are available to order in both short sleeved and laser slashed long sleeved. You willfind something to suit all seasons and style preferences.

h3>Walker and Wings

Just can’t get enough of Daryl Dixon? Not to worry; our Zombie Pit For Juniors Merchandise Section also includes a ‘Mrs Daryl Dixon’ black T-Shirt. It even has a red heart shot through with one of Daryl’s crossbow arrows! Our recommended Daryl Dixon ‘Walker and Wings’ T-Shirt sports a Walker which has been slain by Daryl’s crossbow arrows. On the reverse you will find his iconic angel wings emblazoned on the back. So you can even look cool when you are walking away.

If you are a die-hard Daryl Dixon fan then we can even match you with an epic ‘I Have A Daryl Ad-Dixon’ T-Shirt; a design which has actually been worn by Norman Reedus himself!

Zombie Socks

In addition to stocking up on Zombie T-Shirts, why not add the finishing touch to your post-apocalyptic wardrobe with a set of super soft Walking Dead zombie socks? Made from super stretchy polyester, these soft yet stylish socks will ensure you can keep pace whilst running away from rampaging Walkers.

Pajamas and Leggings

As well as Walking Dead T-Shirts and socks, our Zombie Pit Clothes For Juniors Merchandise Section also includes a wide range of PJs and leggings. Our ‘Run like zombies are coming’ PJs with tartan bottoms are the perfect attire for a zombie-themed movie marathon. These pajamas will ensure that even if you are woken from slumber by a zombie outbreak, you can leap into action and look stylish whilst doing so!

Zombie Clothes

Alternatively, by investing in a pair of our graphic print leggings you can add a living dead edge to any outfit. Made from high quality polyester and spandex, these super stretchy zombie skeleton graphic print leggings will feel like a second skin. Furthermore, they are ideal for a quick and easy zombie cosplay costume or Halloween outfit.

At Zombie Pit we continue to add new listings to our Clothes For Juniors Merchandise Section all the time so make sure you come back soon to check out our latest post-apocalyptic fashion trends!