Carl’s Chocolate Pudding Lunch Tote

carl pudding
  1. Officially licensed
  2. Replica of Carl’s pudding can
  3. Insulated interior
  4. Zippered Lid
  5. Short top handle More…
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Carl Pudding
Carl Pudding

Carl Pudding Lunch Tote

With Rick lying unconscious on the sofa, Carl goes walkabout to see what he can find. In a neighbouring house he rummages through the kitchen cupboards looking for food. Tins are ideal as the contents are preserved and safe to eat. Sweetcorn and beans make a fine haul but there must be something better around here somewhere. Then he sees the prize on top of the cupboard, but can it really be? Pulling a bench over, he eagerly climbs onto the work surface, standing erect to face his treasure squarely; and there it is, the biggest tin of chocolate pudding his young, hungry eyes have ever seen! It takes both hands to lift the tin of pudding down from the cupboard but Carl knows straightaway what he has to do.

In the middle of an apocalypse, a rare, golden moment is sitting on the roof, like the king of the world, eating chocolate pudding straight from the tin. And didn’t it taste good!

Back at home, post chocolate apocalypse…

  • Rick: “It’s good that you found the food
  • Carl: “I found even more but, I ate it
  • Rick: “What was it?
  • Carl: “112 ounces of pudding


Chocolate pudding lunch tote

carl puddingConfession may be good for the soul, but in this instance, chocolate pudding was even better. If you want to recapture just how wonderful those moments were for Carl, then why not get your own chocolate pudding tin lunch tote and create your own golden moment every time you eat your lunch.
This Officially licensed Carl Pudding lunch tote with a zippered lid and short top handle has been fashioned to look exactly like Carl’s delicious looking chocolate pudding tin. Be the envy of all The Walking Dead fans, Walkers, and fellow lunch mates around when you unzip your own chocolate pudding tin to savour your own lunch spoils. Though, please don’t feel compelled to do this sitting on the roof!


carl pudding

This chocolate pudding lunch tote measures 7 inches high x 6.5 inches wide x 6.5 inches deep.

Care Instructions

This Carl Pudding lunch tote should be washed with a warm mildly soapy cloth to clean and then wiped dry. It should not be machine washed, put in a dryer or exposed to heat.


Your chocolate pudding lunch tote will arrive empty. You can fill it with whatever tasty treats you fancy for you lunch. Or you could just go straight for the chocolate pudding. Nice one Carl!

Carl Pudding Lunch Tote Verdict

This Carl Grimes chocolate pudding lunch tote is well made and very much resembles the tin of pudding enjoyed by Carl. It would make an excellent lunch tote for any Walking Dead fan. Alternatively, the tote could be used to store makeup, knick-knacks, keepsakes or even…chocolate pudding! Excellent lunch tote!

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  • Carl Pudding
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Written by ZombiePit

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