Animated Inflatable Cat

Animated inflatable cat
  1. Aminated Halloween Inflatable
  2. Measures 72 ” long by 51 inches wide
  3. Self-inflates in less than a minutes
  4. Outdoor use
  5. Self-inflates in seconds
  6. Head movement
  7. Lights up
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Animated Inflatable Cat


This large, light-up, inflatable cat with moving head is ready to pounce into your yard and bring feline fear to your neighbourhood. You can inflate this 6 ft long kitty in minutes. He lights up and his head moves from side to side. If you want a giant creepy cat in your yard, look no further. This animated inflatable cat is going to be a thrilling addition to your Halloween Decorations.

Black Cats and Halloween

Black cats are as synonymous with Halloween as ghost-stories, pumpkins and trick or treat. But have you ever wondered how the black cat came to be such a symbol of everybody’s favorite freak-filled festival?

Bad Luck

In some cultures black cats have long since been regarded as symbols of bad luck, creatures to be regarded with caution. Have you ever heard of a witch story where she didn’t own a black cat? In medieval Spain and France, black cats were considered to be bringers of bad luck and they believed you would be cursed if you got too close to one of these feline furries.

Good Luck

On the other hand, other cultures have a history of regarding black cats as good luck. To own a black cat in England is a symbol of good luck. Greetings card offering wishes of good luck are often adorned with a cute black cat. In the midlands of England, a black cat given as a wedding present was thought to bring good luck to the bride

Black Cats around the world

The Japanese have some very interesting ideas about black cats and their associations with good forture. In modern Japan cats represent good fortune and prosperity in business which is called fuku nek which means, lucky cat. Black cats in particular are regarded as a talisman against bad luck and danger. They feature prominently in many areas of Japanese culture as positive symbols.

In Scotland, a black cat appearing on your doorstep was regarded as an omen of prosperity. Travel to the south of France and you will find that black cats, which are referred to as ‘matagots’ (magician cats), were thought to bring good luck to the owner if fed and treated well. In Italy they believe it is lucky if you hear a black cat sneeze whereas in Asia, simply owning a black cat is deemed to bring you luck.

Black cats featured heavily in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian for cat is Mau. The Egyptians greatly valued cats for their ability to deal with pests, particularly seeing off snakes. As a result, black cats were revered and worshipped as sacred. Egyptian cats were also honored after their death through the process of mummification. In fact, over 300,000 mummified cats were discovered when the temple of the cat goddess: Bastet, was excavated.

At what point did black cats become associated with the dark side?

Well, the bad press that black cats have received is heavily tied up with medieval superstitions and the Pilgrims in the Plymouth colony. Back in the middle ages, black cats were believed to be witches in disguise or possibly an animal shaped spirit thought to serve a witch or wizard as their companion. It was believed the cat could convey information back to the witch, like a spy.

The Puritan Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony took this superstition to heart. They lived according to a strict Protestant lifestyle and shunned anything that threatened their beliefs. Witchcraft was regarded as an evil practice and therefore anything associated with witches was shunned.

As well as believing that witches could morph into a cat, they also believed that after a witch died they could re-incarnate in feline form. Kitty’s bad press didn’t end there. According to Rosemary Guiley‘s ‘Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft’, animals, in particular, black cats, were “said to be given to witches by the devil” so that they could be sent out to do the witch’s bidding.

All of this culminated in black cats being persecuted to the same extent as the suspected witches. Eventually the anti-witch obsession did subside but by that time the myth and mystique surrounding black cats and their sinister associations with witches was well and truly entrenched in the mindsets of the masses. As a result, whenever you see a witch symbol at Halloween, there is never a black cat far behind.

So when you place your giant kitty on the lawn this Halloween, spare a thought for his ancestors. Perhaps that’s why he has such a sinister gaze as he turns his head from left to right, scanning for danger, ever alert.

Animated Inflatable Cat

animated inflatable cat

Inflatables at Halloween

Inflatables decorations outside your house at Halloween are a great feature. Because this particular animated inflatable cat is so large, it makes a great statement piece. At an affordable price you can quickly capture the mood of Halloween with just one cat. Trick or treaters, neighbours, friends will be thrilled to see this giant kitty seemingly come to life as he turns his head from side to side. It really does look like he is on the prowl, watching everyone.

Does it take long to set up?

Setting up your giant kitty could not be simpler. The cat has a fan inside so when it is activated, the cat self-inflates. You will also receive straps and stakes to hold it in place in the wind, so kitty cannot wander off, terrorising the neigborhood.


This giant animated inflatable cat measures 6 ft wide by 51 inches tall. Black in color with orange eyes, it contains clear C7 bulbs which cast a light after dark to get everyone in the Halloween mood and a fan which is used to self-inflate. A motor controls the head movement which sways from side to side. It comes with 110 plug. The cat is an imposing sight, poised ready to pounce.


If you are considering adding an inflatable decoration to your Halloween display this year, this giant animated inflatable cat comes highly recommended. Measuring 6ft long by 51 inches high, it is quick to set up and comes with stakes and ties to hold in place.

The cat features lights which have a great effect after dark. Another great feature is its moving head. The cat turns its head from side to side in a sinister fashion. It really does look as though it is peering around, ready to pounce. This cat is made from quality materials and is well constructed.

Final thought: If this is her cat, how big is the witch?

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  • animated inflatable cat
  • animated inflatable cat
  • animated inflatable cat
  • animated inflatable cat
  • animated inflatable cat
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Written by Frankie Zee

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