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Addams Family ~ Cult Classic

  1. Addams Family
  2. Original 1960s TV Series
  3. All 64 Episodes
  4. 9 Discs

Perhaps you watched the original series as a child? Maybe you discovered this cult classic via the modern movie adaptations? Whether you are already familiar with the Addmas Family or this will serve as your first encounter with America’s favourite monster family, you will not regret investing in The Addams Family – The Complete Series DVD boxset!

0001 Cemetery Lane

Step inside the condemned mansion located on 0001 Cemetery Lane and you will meet Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. The Addamses are a close-knit family whose supernatural tendencies and eccentric pastimes often clash with their straight-laced ‘normal’ neighbours. This nine disc DVD box-set features all 64 episodes of this cult comedy classic which ran from 1964 to 1966 in vibrant digitally re-mastered splendour.

Classic Family TV from 1960’s

The Addams Family – The Complete Series DVD box-set features the show’s original cast that die-hard fans know and love. John Astin plays the passionate patriarch Gomez Addams with Carolyn Jones as his glamorously gothic wife, Morticia. We meet Jackie Coogan as the electrifyingly eccentric Uncle Fester, while Ted Cassidy adds a lofty level of spookiness as the monolithic manservant Lurch.

Wednesday, Pugsley & Grandma

Lisa Loring plays the delightful yet deadly daughter Wednesday Addams with Ken Weatherwax as her brother and partner in crime Pugsley. Blossom Rock adds a magical touch as Grandmama Addams, a conjurer with a penchant for painting and playing the bagpipes.

Thing Addams

Last but by no means least is Gomez’s constant companion Thing, a seemingly disembodied hand. Thing was often played either by Ted Cassidy or by assistant director Jack Voglin. As the live in hired hand, Thing can always be relied upon to fetch the mail, pour drinks, partake in a game of chess and play the castanets!

addams family

More Addams Family members

This digitally re-mastered The Addams Family – The Complete Series DVD box-set will also introduce you to some of the Addams’ eccentric extended family members. These include Gomez’s hairy and high-pitched Cousin Itt played by actor and stuntman Felix Anthony Silla. In addition we meet Morticia’s sister Ophelia who was always referred to as ‘The White Sheep of the Family and is also portrayed by Carolyn Jones.

Wicked Witch

Morticia and Ophelia’s eccentric mother Grandma Hester ‘Franny’ Frump is characterized by that wonderful actress Margaret Hamilton, or as you may know her, the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz movie!

Unearthing the Addams Family and their Secrets

The Region 1 DVD box set is compatible with American and Canadian enabled DVD players while UK fans will receive a region 2 DVD. All of the 64 episodes made are played in English with the added option of Spanish subtitles.

What does the boxset contain?

The Addams Family – The Complete Series DVD box-set consists of three DVD cases which each house three flip-sided DVD discs; Volumes One, Two and Three. Volume One showcases the first portion of Season One. You will find Volume Two contains the remaining episodes of Season One and all 30 episodes of Season 2.

Both Volumes One and Two also offer fans a few exclusive audio commentaries and DVD featurettes which highlight the impact that The Addams Family TV series had upon American popular culture.

Addams Family re-union

In addition to providing you with all 64 episodes of this iconic TV series, Volume Three of The Addams Family – The Complete Series DVD box-set is fit to bursting with a wealth of exclusive DVD extras. This includes full commentaries of three iconic episodes and a featurette on Charles Addams whose New Yorker magazine cartoons inspired this spooky series.

Interviews and Insights

You will find insightful behind-the-scenes segments, an audio commentary covering a scene between Cousin It and Thing, and exclusive interviews from original cast members John Astin (Gomez), Lisa Loring (Wednesday) and Ken Weatherwax (Pugsley). You will have the opportunity to lap up their interviews as they reminisce on their favourite aspects of shooting this cult comedy classic.

The Addams Family -The Complete Series DVD box-set also features a segment on the creation of the catchy theme tune with a sing-along section to match! So what are you waiting for? We’re already humming the tune!

Addams Family ~ Cult Classic Verdict

The Addams Family is great nostalgic TV dating from gentler times when you could sharpen your axe in the living room and let your pet lion roam free. It is an excellent choice for families wishing to celebrate Halloween together without terrifying the very young or anyone of a nervous disposition.

If you look past the spooky mansion, scary butler and strange customs of the Addams Family, they are the most loving, caring, considerate, well-adjusted close knit family on TV or film, ever. Every family should sit and watch the Addams Family so they know how a real family should function.

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