Where’s the Zombie?

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Where’s the Zombie

Where’s the Zombie? is a delightful twist on the “Where’s Wally” phenomenon, incorporating a game of hide and seek within the pages of a book. Apart from the fact that “Where’s the Zombie” is set in a post apocalyptic world, it also stands out from other hidden picture books because it relates a story.

Joel Peters is a scientist. Whilst busily creating ZX-5 he is exposed to an ominous virus which has far reaching consequences. Immediately his family are taken into quarantine to protect the rest of society from the spread of the virus. The authorities are taking no chances and even the grandparents and the family pets find themselves isolated from society. When it turns out they are all infected, there is really only one options open to them, escape!

In order to contain the spread of the virus it is imperative that the family are located and returned to quarantine. This is where you must play your part in helping to save civilisation as we know it by locating the infected family within the pages of “Where’s the Zombie“. Each page features a different scenario that might be found during a zombie apocalypse. Find each member of the family on every page together with a hidden medical kit that is required to treat the infected. Nothing is straightforward in a zombie apocalypse. As time passes and the pages turn, more innocents will be infected into the hordes of zombies, making your task of finding the zombie family increasingly difficult.

If you find the going tough, don’t worry; the narrative on the double page spreads will help you keep a finger on the beating pulse of the story and keep track of how the virus is spreading. Finding our zombie family embedded in these pages is a real challenge; as the disease spreads, the zombie hordes swell and everything becomes more chaotic. It might be difficult at times to spot all the family members, but the process of looking for them will uncover some highly amusing visual snippets to keep you entertained along the way.

The cover of the book carries a very obvious “Parental Advisory Gruesome Scenes” warning and for good reason. Where’s the Zombie? displays scenes of bloodshed and violence with dismembered limbs and hordes of undead. Due to the violent content, the level of tenacity required and the level of patience needed to find all the zombies, this book is an ideal choice for adults who appreciate the zombie genre.

Where’s the Zombie Verdict

Where’s the Zombie is an amusing and entertaining game of hide and seek with zombies within the pages of a book. Unlike most search books, Where’s the Zombie follows a story line where the readers ability to find the zombies is going to halt the spread of the zombie virus and is therefore an integral part of the story. This search book will provide hours of fun for fans of the zombie genre who appreciate this amusing approach to the zombie apocalypse. It would make an ideal gift for Christmas or birthday for anyone who enjoys games or books that incorporate zombies. The book carries a parental warning because it does include horror and graphic content.

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