Walking Dead Walker “To Do” Shirt

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Walking Dead Walker Shirt

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular dramas ever to grace our TV screens. Based on the comic book series of the same name, the show has become an everyday subject of popular culture and an everyday conscious reminder of the horrors of any potential apocalyptic disaster.

This officially licensed, well made, comfortable shirt it is a humorous reminder of what drives the relentless understated protagonists of The Walking Dead without whom there would be no story, namely the Walkers.

We are reminded not to call them zombies, as the title “Walking Dead” actually refers to the survivors, a sobering thought! Walkers are not the brightest of creatures, so having a “to do” list on their shirt would be a distinct advantage for someone who finds himself on the wrong side of “walker”; it would provide a welcome reminder of a walker’s new purpose in life and also act as a warning to anyone who might get too close! Given that walkers do not seem to appreciate the concept of changing their clothes, the list is always going to be easily at hand, for as long as the shirt or the walker survives.

This Walker shirt is predominantly black. Easy to maintain, it can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low heat setting. An image of a menacing horde of walkers are shown in the background adding a chilling touch. Stare into the eyes of these walkers and they seem to follow you wherever you are in the room, much like the Mona Lisa! The Walking Dead logo is printed in large white letters above the image and again beneath the horde of walkers. In sharp white contrast to the background image is a list of any Walker’s 7 step program to survival. This list covers all the vital objectives any walker should aim to be achieving on a daily basis to maximise their existence as a walker and ensure they get ahead, or specifically, BRAIINNNSSSSS!

Here are the list of items on any respectable walkers list:

  1. Eat Survivors
  2. Moan Loudly
  3. Drag Feet
  4. Eat more Survivors
  5. Decay
  6. Infect the Population
  7. Don’t Die Again

A fairly simple list, repeated in places to compensate for a Walker’s reduced attention span, it basically covers everything a Walker would need to remind them of their new purpose. It may not give them any clues on how to race another walker to the kill or how to defend themselves from attack from humans but it does cover the basics. There wouldn’t be enough room on one shirt to display a comprehensive list of everything a walker needs to know in order to survive. If you want more information about that, including fighting tips and advice on how to outwit humans, best refer to a copy of So Now You’re a Zombie, A Handbook for the Newly Undead, which covers just about everything a walker needs to know.

Walking Dead Walker Shirt Verdict

This is a well made, comfortable shirt with a humourous embellishment outlining the simple objectives any zombie should be striving to achieve in order to maintain their undead existence. It would make a great gift for any fan of The Walking Dead.

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