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The Walking Dead Tour Description

Are you a huge fan of The Walking Dead or do you know somebody that is? Have you ever thought what it would be like to be standing between Rick and Daryl fighting it out to the death against those Walkers? What about dealing with crazy survivors like the governor? Or having to face everybody’s nightmare, Negan? Rather than pick up a crossbow like daring Daryl or learn to wield a katana like the mysterious Michonne, you can simply see where all the action takes place by booking your ticket to The Walking Dead Big Zombie Tour Part 2!The Walking Dead Big Zombie Tour Part 2!

Join a party of fellow Walking Dead enthusiasts for the trip around some of your favourite Walking Dead haunts, packed with a whole bunch of thrills and spills from Seasons 2 to 6. You’ll get to explore the fictional town of Woodbury, beat a track to Beth’s hospital and checkout Morgan’s modest apartment. Guided along the tour by one of the support artists from the show, you can visit the Zombie Arena and Oaks Motor Inn in the capable hands of an actor who has first-hand knowledge of how realistic it all becomes when the cameras start to roll!

Vigilance is the first rule of survival in a post apocalyptic world, so keep a watchful eye out for any wandering Walkers who may be lurking in the shadows!

This exciting tour commences at Senoia, Georgia and is scheduled to last 3 hours. Throughout the trip you will be escorted in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus before being returned (bite-free) to The Waking Dead Cafe in Senoia, where the trip concludes.

Senoia, Georgia is the real-life setting for the town of Woodbury. Your expert tour guide, a seasoned veteran of The Walking Dead set, will take you on a zombie-focused excursion through Georgia. Walk in the path of Rick Grimes and other heroes from the show as you pick your steps through Walker country! How well do you know your Walking Dead facts? It’s time to find out as you pit your zombie brains against fellow Walker Stalkers in a Walking Dead Trivia Game! With some zombie-related prizes up for grabs and the chance to be heralded as a die-hard Walking Dead expert, it’s time to put your Walking Dead trivia knowledge to the ultimate test!

Part of the joy of this treasured tour is having the opportunity to share the experience with fellow fans who are equally passionate about The Walking Dead. Every fan has some favourite moments or a best loved character from the show. There will be ample opportunity for you to share the thrill of being on set, swap stories and anecdotes with your fellow Walking Dead fans and perhaps learn a few new ones along the way.

The Walking Dead has witnessed some legendary battles where we watched our beloved heroes fight seemingly unfathomable odds. A chill may well go down your spine as you get to visit the sites where these epic battles took place. The Woodbury Shoppe is packed with officially licensed The Walking Dead collectibles so you’ll get a chance to pick up a souvenir of the day if you wish. Conclude the day in fantastic fashion by posing for a Walking Dead souvenir photo with your rag-tag group of survivors which is sure to become a treasured memento of a truly memorable day.

The Walking Dead Tour Verdict

This is a well organised and professionally executed 3 hour tour of The Walking Dead set around Senoia, Georgia. Highlights of the trip include visiting sites of where filming has taken place, watching clips from the show, taking part in a zombie trivia quiz and receiving your very own exclusive souvenir photo of the show. In our opinion the trip is a wonderful, entertaining experience whether you are a dedicated fan of the show or completely new to the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead.

Testimonials from Walking Dead Tour Travellers

Reviewed by: Travis B, February 2017
“This was the best tour from beginning to end. It was very informative and covered so much more than I thought it would. Our tour guide Collin was great and finally put the mystery to rest about who taught Easton how to fight with a stick! This is enjoyable for everyone, even if you don’t watch the show! I will absolutely be back to do the rest of the tours for sure!”

Reviewed by: James S, October 2016
“Wonderful tour with excellent tour guides! Highly recommend to any Walking Dead fan.”

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